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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Steadyo Pandemic Horde

Pandemic Horde FC Steadyo stops by to get TIS up to speed on the recent battles in Geminate and Perimeter against TEST and others.

  • Artimus Albosa   Capitalist Army Corporation [The Network.]
  • Silver Suspiria   Mecha Enterprises Fleet Corporation [FedUp]
  • RonUSMC   Dreddit Corporation [TEST]
  • Steadyo   Horde Vanguard. Corporation [Horde]


  • News
    • Coming January 15th:
      • Visual update for asteroid depletion
      • Skill Extraction disabled after password reset for security
    • Conflict between Fraternity. and Scalding Pass residents possibly heating up again
    • FEDUP joins Legacy Coalition!
    • MASSIVE fight ongoing in Oijanen
  • Pandemic Horde fights everyone, literally
    • Recap of last year
      • “Meat shield” in Pure Blind/Fade, constant fighting with INIT. and Imperium sigs
      • Move to Geminate with the fall of the DRF
      • Invade Branch with BL…
      • Kick Snuff out of Oij (timing?)
      • Lose Perimeter
      • Imperium sigs deploy, NC. deploys, lots of small groups deploy to the Geminate content farm
    • Current fighting
      • Constant pressure on TEST in Perimeter
      • TEST deploys to Oij
      • Branch invasion ends
      • Imperium sigs still fighting?

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