Steadyo Pandemic Horde

Steadyo Pandemic Horde
Midweek Update

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Pandemic Horde FC Steadyo stops by to get TIS up to speed on the recent battles in Geminate and Perimeter against TEST and others.

  • Artimus Albosa   Capitalist Army Corporation [The Network.]
  • Silver Suspiria   Mecha Enterprises Fleet Corporation [FedUp]
  • RonUSMC   Dreddit Corporation [TEST]
  • Steadyo   Horde Vanguard. Corporation [Horde]


  • News
    • Coming January 15th:
      • Visual update for asteroid depletion
      • Skill Extraction disabled after password reset for security
    • Conflict between Fraternity. and Scalding Pass residents possibly heating up again
    • FEDUP joins Legacy Coalition!
    • MASSIVE fight ongoing in Oijanen
  • Pandemic Horde fights everyone, literally
    • Recap of last year
      • “Meat shield” in Pure Blind/Fade, constant fighting with INIT. and Imperium sigs
      • Move to Geminate with the fall of the DRF
      • Invade Branch with BL…
      • Kick Snuff out of Oij (timing?)
      • Lose Perimeter
      • Imperium sigs deploy, NC. deploys, lots of small groups deploy to the Geminate content farm
    • Current fighting
      • Constant pressure on TEST in Perimeter
      • TEST deploys to Oij
      • Branch invasion ends
      • Imperium sigs still fighting?

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