Eviction: Holesale and Stranger Danger

Eviction: Holesale and Stranger Danger

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Exooki and guests talk about the evictions or attempted evictions of Holesale and Stranger Danger. They review April patchnotes and what specifically affects wormhole pilots.

  • ExookiZ  The Dark Space Initiative [Scary Wormhole People]
  • Zolka Lando  Epicentre Syndicate [The Singularity.]
  • Rahne Sentro  New Order Outreach Division [CODE.]
  • Yan Skshetuski  The Kronos Ritual 
  • King Creator  Out of Focus [Odin’s Call]

Eviction of Holesale

Eviction of Stranger Danger

Why are you wormholers?

Patch Notes Review – relevant to wormholes

Erebus as loot

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