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Mid Week Update

This week’s update gives insight into Fweddit’s departure from The Initiative., considers the fallout from the Northern Coalition. Keepstar loss in H-5GUI, and introduces co-host Chiimera through a discussion about the AUTZ and the new FLEX structures with guests MacCloud from INIT. and Twennsley from NC.

  • Panel:
    • Artimus Albosa
    • Chiimera
  • Guest:
    • GeeShizzle MacCloud, The Graduates [The Initiative.]
    • Twennsley, Destructive Influence [Northern Coalition.]


  • Segment 1: News
    • Fweddit leaves INIT. to form new alliance: Free Range Chickuns
      • INIT. causes drama by shooting fweddit during big brawl
      • Fweddit supers ganked
    • NC. deploys to Vale of the Silent
      • Closer to the content rich areas surrounding Horde space in Geminate
      • Drop Keepstar in H-5GUI, leading to a big fight including the loss of the KS and a few supers
  • Segment 2: Conversation with Chiimera
    • History of his time in eve
    • The state of the AUTZ

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