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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
The Trinosaur War

This week on Talking in Stations, Harvey Skywarker dubs the war in the south The Trinosaur War, wherein TEST alliance and Legacy Coalition are engaged against a myriad of enemies. Pandemic Legion has officially joined the fight over Immensea by moving a massive fleet of supercarriers, titans, and force auxiliaries down to Tenerfis to join Fraternity and Holy League against Legacy Coalition. On the other side of the map in Eha, The Bloc – a Caldari Militia corporation – successfully defended a fortizar with NC again Gallante Militia.

On the show:

  • Matterall 
  • Carneros


  • Harvey Skywarker (P3AK, PL)
  • Killlah Bee (Shiva, Northern Coalition)
  • Opner Dresden (former leader of Explicit Alliance, Drone Control Unit)
  • Jin’taan (Production of Memes, Red Noise)
  • PlexedLive (The Terrifying League Of Dog Fort, GSF)
  • Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet, FEDUP)

Show Notes:  

War on Legacy Coalition

  • History of conflict
  • Formation of Holy League
  • Tri and Winter coalition
  • Legacy and CVA
  • NC/PL and Goons
  • Fraternity Fortizar save in T2-V8F in Tenerfis
  • PL supercapital (101 Titans, 200 fax) move-fleet to ZMV9-A in Tenerfis

Faction War Fight  – Caldari vs Gallante

  • NC and Bloc defend a fortizar in Eha against Galmil  


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