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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Fight for Providence Stations

This “Mothers Day” show focuses on the dueling campaigns over the fate of Providence and the 74 stations contained in the region. Elise coins the name “Asher Boys,” Progodlegend calls Fraternity’s new leader a Trumpian, and Harvey Skywarker (the self-proclaimed “murderer”) tells us all about “Lumio en Tilavine.”  We also meet real-life politician Brisc Rubal who’s commercial for CSM went viral. Mawderator talks ships and CSM too, and we meet a rising star in the FC world, Goonswarm’s WhisperQuetly who found himself commanding 150 pilots after only 6 months in EVE.  Apothne steps in for Matterall as host.

On the show:

  • Apothne


  • Progodlegend (TEST)
  • Elise Randolph (PL)
  • Harvey Skywarker (PL)
  • Mawderator (CSM Candidate, SNUFF)
  • Brisc Rubal (CSM Candidate, Initiative)
  • Whisper Quietly (GSF)

Show Notes:

  • Goonswarm vs North
    • Elise coins the name “Asher Boys” for Goon’s Special Interest Groups (SIGS)
    • Goons attack on the north last year did not go well, now they are attacking in a more incremental way and having a lot of success.
    • New Era of EVE of living in home space, it is dangerous to have your territory pressured day after day.
    • “The Slow Burn is much stronger than it used to be” – Progod
    • New FC in EVE – Whisper Quietly
      • FC’d Hurricane Fleet in the attack on X-7
  • Perspectives: Fleet Commanders
    • Whisper Quietly
    • progodlegend
    • Elise Randolph
  • Providence Campaigns: Legacy Coalition vs PL/NC (TEST vs PL)
    • How Pandemic Legion started on conquering Providence
    • Attacking the Havens, not the structures
    • Uncontested fights are boring
    • Large-scale entosis strategies
      • Interceptor meta dominated before Sov changes
    • TEST deploys to Providence to take stations from PL
    • What is at stake in Providence = 74 Fortizars
    • Pandemic Legion will fight all comers.
    • Winter Coalition (Fraternity)
      • Leadership transfer from Wind Spirits to Noraus
      • Perspective: “Noraus is like Trump” – Progodlegend
      • Take on Solar – better timezone for them
  • Serenity Server
    • Differences
    • Western players played on Serenity years ago.
  • CSM Discussion
  • Modern warfare in EVE


Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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[…] the Mother’s Day show, entitled “Fight for Providence Stations,” we heard from Fleet Commanders from both sides of a coming conflict in Providence region. […]

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