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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Brisc's Agony and Katia's Ecstasy

Brisc Rubal gets kicked from CSM and banned from the game, along with Pando and Darkshines, two strat op FC’s from The Initiative. The agony. We explore what happened and the long term repercussions. We also celebrate the ecstasy of seeing your mark made on New Eden as Katia’s massive Statue/Monument is put up in the game commemorating her remarkable 9-year voyage.

  • Matterall Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition]
  • Carneros Ancient Hittite Corporation Corporation [The Bastion]
  • Elise Randolph Habitual Euthanasia Corporation [Pandemic Legion]
  • Dirk Macgirk Open Comms Show
  • Katia Sae Signal Cartel [EvE-Scout Enclave]
  • Sarin Blackfist KarmaFleet [Goonsward Federation]

Brisc Rubal’s Banning and removal from the CSM

CCPs Statement on the removal of Brisc Rubal from the CSM and subsequent bans
Brisc Rubals reply on the Eve Online forums before losing access, discussing CCPs statement
Brisc Rubals Statement on Reddit about fighting the ban and removal from the CSM
Brisc Rubals Twitter, controversially used for both his real life and his Eve online persona
CCP Dopamine on Twitter talking about TwitchCon EU, where Pandoralica get the first bit of communication with CCP

Sarin Blackfists Coverage of the Banning of Brisc Rubal on Kotaku, and example of solid journalistic integrity
PC Gamers coverage of the Banning of Brisc Rubal By Steven Messner, an example of sensationalist trashy journalism

Commander Aze’s Reddit post announcing cancelling his future CSM campaigns. Fallout of CCP’s handling of Brisc Rubals banning

Historical Bans regarding the CSM and other notable individuals

Matteralls 2015 Imperium News / TMC article regarding trust in Eve Online and the Council of Stellar Management
CCP XHagen’s Statement about former CSM3 member Larkonis Trassler being removed for insider trading
CCP Falcons Statement on the Eve Online forums regarding the Somer Blink Bans
CCP Svarthol’s Statement on behalf of CCP concerning the removal of Ankhesentapemkah from the CSM5
CCP Falcons clarification that the standard proceedure and policies for bans change over time
CCP Xhagens picture with notorious Hacker and point man of the T20 scandal ‘kugutsumen’
CCP Leeloo’s Eve Online forum post detailing Manfred Sidious’ removal from the CSM
‘ManuelNoryigga’ aka Manny (Manfred Sideous) accusing CCP of shady acts against him when a member of the CSM, on reddit

Sarin Blackfist, a writer for Kotaku

Sarin Blackfist’s listing on EveWho, aka Lee Yancy of Kotaku
Kotaku’s ‘about me’ page
Sarin Blackfist’s listing of Kotaku articles

Kotaku’s article about Katia Sae’s journey to all of New Eden
Kotaku’s article about the HK eviction from RAGE
Kotaku’s article concerning ‘judgement day’ when Co2 were betrayed by TheJudge
Kotaku’s article about the player created memorial cemetery in the Molea system of New Eden

Katia Sae’s Journey to all of New Eden

Katia Sae’s Exploration blogging web journal
A gallery of the ships Katia Sae used in her 9 year long journey
Mark 726’s Eve-Travel article about the Memorial Statue erected in the Saisio system commemorating Katia Sae’s Journey
CCPs announcement of a Katia Sae Memorial Statue is Saisio

Andrew Groens website for his Book series ‘The Empires of Eve’
Most recent update on progress made for Volume II of ‘The Empires of Eve’


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