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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
2020 Most Influential Awards

The TiS 2020 Most Influential Awards winners and other player-made awards for EVE Online.


Elise Randolph, Matterall, Arsia, Hateless,

Control Room: Maccloud (stream engineer)



Award Shows

Nanofiber Awards (The nannies)

  • Favorite CCP Dev Most tolerable CCP Dev: CCP Aurora with 41.6%
  • Best Sov Space to Roam: Perrigen Falls with 27.8% (<- look folks, Lorde or Worlds won something for once)
  • Best <10 Poster: Dustey with 19.3% RIP Dusteyposting
  • Best Game Change: Needlejack Filaments with 43.5%
  • Most Influential Smallganger: AP with 32.6%  Honorable Mention 3TEARS (streamer), Amelia, Stitch
  • Best Podcast Guests: Elise, Wild Things, and Casper talking about the AT with 23.1%


Voting for the 2020 Black Mark Awards is now live!

Talking In Stations Most Influential Awards


Player of the Year – Aryth

Corporation of the Year – Stranger Danger. (Alliance)

Alliance of the Year – Initiative.

Event of the Year – Triumvirate. Kills FCON


Player of the Year – Pando 

Organization of the Year – TEST

Event of the Year – UALX


Player of the Year – Katia Sae

Organization of the Year – Trigger Happy

Event of the Year – Blackout



    • Vily
  • Gobbins
  • Asher Elias
  • Noraus
  • Mittens
  • Elsebeth Rhiannon, Oracle of the Invasions
  • Brisc Rubal



  • PAPI
  • Goonswarm
  • Winter Coalition
  • Lux Invicta
  • Volta
  • EdenComm Players



    • M2-XFE Armor Timer (Hull timer)
  • Keepstar FIghts in Delve (YZ9 and FWST)
  • Chappy’s Birthday Bash
  • Providence Falling
  • Eviction of TDSIN
  • Trig Invasions/Fall of Niarja
  • Floseswin


Mechanic/Balance Change

    • Metaliminal Storms
    • Surgical Strike (resist change)
    • DBS/ESS
    • Filaments
    • EVE Portal
    • Quantum Cores
  • Broker Relations


Overall Trend or Feature Change 

    • Scarcity
  • Pochven
  • Forsaken Fortress (Abandoned State)
  • Champions of the Abyss


Highlight of the Week – person, event, “you might not know”

Other Media to watch –


Key Changes to EVE

Jan 16th – Fight or Flight (Quadrant 1), Heavy Missiles, Implants

Feb 11th – From Wormholes With Love (WH), Needlejack Filaments, Guardian’s Gala

Mar 10th – Broker Relations (day trading), Frigate Escape Bay, FW

Apr 15th – Eclipse (Quadrant 2), Surgical Strike (capital rebalance, resistance modules)

May 26th – Invasion Chapter 3 (expansion), Forsaken Fortress

Jun 15th – Edencomm ships, CSM15, Project Discovery 3

Jul 14th – Zenith (Quadrant 3), Combat Command Update, Abyssal Proving Grounds Update, Champions of the Abyss, Tribute to the Fallen (memorial)

Aug 11th – Metaliminal Storms, Dreaded Collective update (Trig),

Sep 8th – Quantum Cores, Abyssal tiers and update, EdenComm fix, Blops), Resource Distribution Update, GM Week

Oct 13th – Phoenix Quadrant 4, Howling Interdictors (dictors)

Nov 10th – Vat Out of Hel (supercarriers), DBS & ESS, Explosive Velocity (Torps/Dreads)

Dec 8th – Japanese Localization, Winter Nexus


TIS Noms –


EVE’s Most influential Awards from TIS –


Notes (Notion Jan 17),Vale_of_the_Silent,FWST-8

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