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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Small-Gang PVP in Fade with V0LTA

V0LTA takes Fade region and develops relationships with small PVP oriented gangs in the area. Keepstar drops incoming to Delve.


  • StarFleetCommander – V0LTA CEO and FC 
  • Wolfsdragoon – ISSW CEO/V0LTA FC
  • Zen Tsai – Ex-Chairman RvB  [G0Z1LLA, Rainbow Meltdown, in Pure Blind]  


Matterall, Elise Randolph, Baleful Dysnomia, Maccloud 


Game News

  1. CCP News
  2. Multi Training
  3. 2D switch for graphics

Player News

WWB II War News 

  • Keepstar Drop – New phase of “Constriction”

Triglavian war news

  • Rewards handed out / new portrait backgrounds on Sisi
  • CCP released notice from Marshal Valkanir for loyalists to aid evacs
  • Triglavians held a little party, EDENCOM did evac work then crashed party
  • Active invasions still ended, people farming previously difficult to run (due to time) content and prices dropping

Red Versus Blue

TIS interviewed a few months ago when Zen was chairman of RvB.  Were trying out FW.

  • Transition and how that went and what RvB is doing now
  • How a small gang survives in Sov Null

Volta Takes Fade/Dek

Hakonen deployment , Transitioning to Fade

Wrap up and Close


Show Links,5/8QT-H4,K-6K16,D-3GIQ,0N-3RO,QY6-RK,YZ9-F6,W-KQPI,PUIG-F,319-3D,J-LPX7,N8D9-Z,SVM-3K,0-HDC8,FWST-8,GY6A-L,1DH-SX×360×360

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