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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Requiem for Requiem

Requiem Eternal suffers traitorous sabotage resulting in a disbanding of the alliance and 500 billion stolen, but the alliance lands on its feet as Eternal Requiem. Their unusually strong recovery recalls Nulli’s dropped sov during the Fountain war in 2013. Goonswarm Keepstar killed in 49-U6U. Eveess from ChemiKals corp recounts their departure from Goonswarm and nullsec.


Arsia Elkin (Electus Matari alliance), Astraeos Khan (Kaho Industries), Eveess (ChemiKals corp), Fyt 284 (Eternal Requiem alliance), Hateless (H.A.T.E. corp), Maccloud (stream engineer), Matterall (Talking In Stations Corp), Rich Richman (Fwaming Dwagons corp), 

Patch notes 

  • How is ESS going?
    • Special fits?
  • Mining viability
  • New Jita
    • Monument

War update

  • Keepstar down 49-U6U
  • Requiem sov drop and recovery
  • Init moving to Esoteria

Fraternity sends capitals North (Trigger Happy)

Snuff bluff – taking over the Basgerin Freeport (people fled)

Inner Hell have returned to Wormhole space, have re-anchored their Keepstar and killed a Lazerhawks Fort.

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