Keepstar Fight
by David Matterall in

November 12, 2020

Keepstar went down in 49-U6U belonging to Imperium. PAPI forces sank it with a more that 120 supercapitals. The entire system was cyno-jammed. Imperium did not attempt to save it. Additionally, an Azbel in 6Z-CKS Delve worth over 50 billion. The next two days will see major fighting over ihubs as 23 are reinforced, with an even split between Imperium and PAPI ownership.

Goorswarm's 49U Keepstar final timer
Goorswarm’s 49U Keepstar final moments

Snuffed Out leader Hy Wanto spread false rumors that his alliance had purchased the freeport Keepstar in Basgerin. The current owners, Sixth Empire, denied the claim. Hy Wanto made no further comment on the matter. A Kronos Marauder worth 24 billion was destroyed in Uedama. The ship was fitted with rare modules. The Setele’s Modified Damage Control unit was worth 16 billion alone.

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