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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
War Logistics

Today we’ll review the weeks news for both the game and the players. Later in the program, we take a look at the alliance logistics’ role. Our guest is Industrialist Dunk Dinkle. He is a member of Brave Newbies and the sub coalition “Voltron.”

  • Dunk Dinkle from Brave (logistic master for Brave, a part of legacy Voltron)
  • Elise Randolph of Pandemic Legion. (null-sec, alliance tournaments, and EVE history)
  • Arsia Elkin from Electus Matari also known as Baleful Dysnomia (She covers Empire space, Invasions, Roleplaying, solo to small gang PVP)
  • Artimus Albosa of Noir (mercenary work, small gang, and pirating)
  • Maccloud from Initiative, is our engineer
  • Matterall Talking in Stations host


EVE at war, day 70. Thousands of starship-commanders descend on Delve.Their goal? To destroy The Imperium, specifically Goonswarn Federation. Every one of those ship commanders needs supplies; Ships, modules, custom rigs, charges, scripts, implants, drugs. All that gear needs to be moved and stored in forward operating bases. Those bases need to be connected by bridges.All of it needs fuel to function. The machinery of war. Who builds it, deploys it, maintains it? The job belongs to logistical masters.

Game News

  • Depths of the Abyss
  • GM Week – 14 – 19 September, Whack-A-Bot in Yulai – Monday 14
  • Key fixes to EDENCOM GunStar spawns.
    • Gunstars did not previously get deployed outside of Amarr space. Now Gunstars will be rightfully regularly deployed in non-Amarr EDENCOM victories like Bei, Nourvukaiken, or Caslemon. This applies to both EDENCOM Minor Victories and Fortresses.
    • Republic being surrounded by EDENCOM victories, will make the silk road hard to travel for pro-Triglavian players.
  • Significant bug on Quantum Cores and ESI system make them currently unusable for most ESI structure tracking software. The presence of the core disables the Corporation Assets ESI endpoint which breaks the reporting software. 

Player News

  • Goonswarm Federation activated a rarely-used dramatic cultural feature and sounded the Horn of Goondar which asks departed past members to return and help the coalition “in their hour of great need”. Many players have returned and large fleet ops have adjusted to a slower pace and have explanations to the returning folks about things that have changed in the game. Some people can’t actually play but donated ISK and mineral hoards and supercapitals to the war effort.
  • Fountain mostly recovered as far as iHUBS
  • Key Querious iHUB taken A-BO4V, T8T-RA [A-Z7C9 constellation]
  • Invaders have started onlining a Keepstar in 1M4-FK in northern Querious


  • Volta v Conifers in Fade
  • Provi – 9UY4-H Keepstar destroyed in transit (stolen)
  • EVE Uni in Syndicate attacked. Pitted CVA against mentor Snuff
  • Horde loses FC Alphastar pilot, gains Averan. Urs Blank and Johnny Trousersnake step up


  • EVE Echoes
    • Huge Fight – 600 hundred players
    • Auto-pilot scandal

Topic – War Logistics (Dunk Dinkle)

  • How hard is it to supply a major alliance for a war?
  • Are you focused on logistics for Brave Newbies alliance? Legacy coalition? 
  • What’s the one thing you find yourself building the most of?
  • What’s one thing you have to build that might surprise listeners?
  • Are you building back home, building in theater, shipping from trade hubs, building between theater and home (low sec)?
  • Where do you source the minerals and other materials you use?
  • What mistakes might newbie logistics folks make on their first war?

Wrap up and Close


Show Links (location of new Keepstar),5/FAT-6P,CNC-4V,CZK-ZQ,4NBN-9,Y-PNRL,W-MPTH,X4-WL0,6BPS-T,Q-U96U,EX6-AO,WFC-MY,25S-6P,BUZ-DB,QETZ-W,UCG4-B,RR-D05,4-07MU,JGW-OT,K717-8,KB-U56,NH-1X6,5-N2EY,L-B55M,KH0Z-0,V2-VC2,HP-64T,JA-O6J,SNFV-I,CX65-5,8B-2YA,MY-W1V,YHN-3K,3GD6-8,3-OKDA,4M-HGL,HY-RWO,HED-GP#kills24,5/KFIE-Z,5/1DQ1-A,5/D-W7F0,5/1M4-FK,5/1M4-FK

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