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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Quantum Cores and Missions

What to know about the Quantum Cores for structures. Meet Hateless, the master of missioning in EVE Online.


Guests: Hedliner, Hateless

Panel: Matterall, Elise Randolph, Baleful Dysnomia, Artemis Albosa, Maccloud, Caleb Aranya


Game News

Caldari Union Day Event (until Dept 7) –

Research & Development initiatives (64bit client, Aether wars) – Play EVE in browser – new players in certain specific locations (good internet, modern browser) –

Update pricing of  Omega and Skill Extractor. Pound Sterling (GBP) (Oct 5) –

Quantum Cores – Adding consequences to actions. Ante-up –

    • Characteristics
      • Each structure will require its own specific core variant core – big structure require big cores
      • Buy with specific NPC, Sell to specific NPC
      • Install core AFTER structure becomes dockable (after 24 hour anchoring phase), then install
      • 100% Drop
    • Rollout
      • Seeding – 8 September 2020 (now)
      • Required for new structures – 13 October 2020 (1 month)
      • Required for existing structures – 12 January 2021 (4 months)
    • Notes
      •  Final phase: December update – basic services (fitting, tethering, repairs) won’t work without a core installed

Player News

  • Battle in G-M4GK: 420 Billion ISK destroyed (75 to 25 percent, favoring TEST)
  • Y-2 Keepstar down:
    Imperium ping inviting any Imperium guys who wanted to “whore on the Keepstar”
    Fraternity Pilot warped Avatar titan to zero on the keepstar, not enough firepower to hold and kill it
  • Fountain Campaign – J5A, IGE, C-N, O-PN, KVN, Y-2 (6 total)
    • Sov transfers occurring – Nullsechneya  (Pegasus constellation)
  • Esoteria, Imperium counter attacks?

Other News – Missions

Hateless talks Missions


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