by David Matterall in
Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Homefield Advantage

Home defense strategies for large and small groups.


  • Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])
  • Oz Isaacs (Interstellar Expeditionary Group [Einstein-Rosen Brigade])

Off camera:

  • Dawn Rhea (Goonswarm) Sig Leader Theta
  • Aezekiel (Block Crow Bandits) Vindictive Sky Marshall

Content Guide:

  • Who are you?
    • Oz? Since first time co-host
    • Dawn
    • Aezekiel
  • Describe your alliance
    • Size, pvp focus, deployments/sigs/etc
  • What hostiles come to your space?
  • How do you prepare to deal with hostiles?
  • Once hostiles have arrived, what happens?
  • What is the biggest challenge in home defense?
  • Do you have to convince people to join or is everyone on board?
  • How has home defense changed recently?
    • Blackout, cyno changes, needlejack filaments, etc.
  • What’s something you wish more players understood about home defense?



Message of the Eve Online ecosystem outlook:

  1. We (CCP) understand this is important and will closely monitor it
  2. The ecosystem needs regulation in order to “provide a fair and vibrant playground full of diverse and rewarding opportunities for all players”
  3. The ecosystem is currently in a bad shape almost across the board and decisive action needs to be taken now in three areas
    1. Balance and progression (Actions taken: Tiercide, Titan HAW removal, regular weapon and balance updates, …)
    2. Economy and industry (Actions taken: Scarcity phase, FW LP payout, incursion payout rules)
    3. Cheating and abuse (Actions taken: Drifter AI, Broker relations, new detection tools)

Something you might not know: (Tell the audience something they might not know about Eve. Could be mechanics, player history, lore, etc.)

  • Silver:
  • Oz: Outsourcing buy orders is more important than ever 
  • Dawn: You can store a barge in a rorqual even if its being attacked as long as it is empty of everythingg but ammo
  • Aezekiel: The fleet regroup function can be used with fleet warps to create useful fleet formations – a fun rabbit hole for the “i hate F1 and approach” crowd to explore.




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