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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Vily withdraws from Imperial Legacy Pact

Fleet commanders; Pando, Vily, Killah Bee, Hy Wanto discuss the recent events in Pure Blind and the end of Imperial Legacy. Vily sets a timeline of 2 weeks to withdraw Legacy Coalition from the Non-Invasion Pact with the Imperium. The Imperium declares war.

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[…] War was declared by Vily from TEST Alliance Please Ignore the first week of July in 2020. Attacks would begin immediately by all involved parties. The initial attacks hit on two fronts, Fountain and Period Basis. The Legacy coalition, already positioned on the border of Period Basis, moved in closer and laid siege to the region. They routinely reinforced infrastructure HUBs and structures but relatively little movement happened in the area. They primarily fought against Goonswarm Federation and its satellite alliances, which meant they had a large task at hand. On the other side of the galaxy, PanFam (Pandemic Horde, Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition. and other affiliates) were tasked with pushing into Fountain. This pitted them against the Initiative primarily along with their satellite alliances. […]

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