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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
The Terrifying League of Dog Fort

We talk to Cainun from The Terrifying League of Dog Fort. They describe why they shutdown Liberty Squad SIG, left the Imperium. Now they are fighting in Vale of the Silent.


  • Matterall

  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthenasia [Pandemic Legion])

  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])

Off camera:

  • Cainun (The Terrifying League of Dog Fort [Freight Train Diplomacy])

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Recently a well-established, highly-visible medium-sized Goonswarm corporation left to begin a new adventure. Usually called “Dog Fort”, the 199-members left the security of Fortress Delve and moved to Vale of the Silent in the north.

The CEO is still Ashkrall — but he’s not their most famous member. The Dog Fort bloc FC Cainun are better known and are with us today as our guest.  Thomas Lear couldn’t be with us today.

What made you leave Delve & Goonswarm?
What was more motivating: leaving Goonswarm, leaving The  Imperium, leaving null bloc life, or leaving the perceived safety of Delve?

Why not just go on a corp deployment to Vale of the Silent?

Why pick Vale of the Silent?

Do you have friends in your new area? Who?

Do you have enemies in your new area? Who?

At what point in your process did you realize Snuffed Out was reforming? Did that have any impact on your planning?

What are your observations these days about your famous neighbor Trigger Happy?

What surprised you most about Vale of the Silent?

What do you miss most about The Imperium?

How do you think this change will eventually change Dog Fort?

What are your aspirations for Freight Train Diplomacy —  your alliance?

What trends do you see happening in Vale of the Silent? Tribute? The region?


Champions of Lowsec

  • -10.0 is in Amamake

  • TEST SIG deployed to TK (not a system)

CCP Rattati and CCP Goodfella were guests on Push To Talk and mentioned a few tidbits like “I don’t like the risk/reward for burner missions and high-sec Incursions”

Second mineral redistribution update

Inner Hell Evicts Again


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