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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Marketplaces and Ecosystems

An ecosystem is where players meet to exchange goods. Jita is the largest example of this – the biggest crossroads in the game where the largest amount of trade volume passes through every day and around that has all manner of industry and production. Today we sit down with Smog890 and Avio Yanken, two guys who seed remote marketplaces, far and wide around the universe, bringing these ecosystems to life.


  • Matterall 
  • Carneros 
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])

Off camera:

  • Avio Yaken (Star Frontiers [Brotherhood of Spacers])
  • Eden Trade (New Eden Trade and Market)

Content Guide:

Questions / Topics – no bullets

What trade hubs and where are they generally?

How do you determine what items to seed first? And what quantities?

Do you use any out-of-game management tools? Any tools available to the public? Any proprietary tools? Do you track what’s selling and restock?

Are you stocking from stock purchased elsewhere? Are you building your stock? If it’s a blend of both, what ratio do you estimate?

How have you seen the systems which you host your orders grow in traffic and seen other structures anchored around your market structure? 

What satisfaction do you get from operating these marketplaces? What are your mix of motivations?

What’s something you wish EVE players understood about the challenges of operating a trade hub?

Do additional sellers stocking items on your marketplaces help you, hinder you, or both?

What advice would you have for an aspiring new market-maker?

What is something CCP could do that might further empower you in your endeavors?

For Avio, why Venal? 


Veteran player gave 104.5k PLEX and left game. (good or bad?)

-January Patch notes

  • Addition of Nirvana ‘Shield Slave’ Implants  
  • Mid-grade 1-5% bonus with 10% set bonus and 25% set bonus with Mid-grade Omega
  • High-Grade 1-5% bonus with 15% set bonus and 50% set bonus with Mid-grade Omega
    • Available in Dragonaur Staging Facility locations only in lowsec space until January 27th, only allowing T1, T2 and Factions ships that are bonused to Heavy Missiles such as Drake, Cerberus, Rattlesnake, ect.
  • Heavy Missile Damage Buff (+5% to damage and explosion velocity of all Heavy Missiles)
  • Replaced Siren Fighters Microwarpdrive with Siren Fighter Afterburners
  • Tech I Siren now has 200% speed bonus from Afterburner
  • Tech II Siren now has 250% speed bonus from Afterburner
  • Performed Shield Booster Module Tiericide
  • Reply All to corporation mails regulated to Communications Officer, Directors and CEO instead of everyone (no more goodbye emails)
  • Column sort order is now preserved by Overview tab rather than being global for the whole Overview
  • Character transfers now appear in Employment History
  • PLEX for Good campaign to help Australian brush fires
    • Shoutout to Ailok Konem of Infinite Violence for donating 25k PLEX or approx 1000euros and both Droii of Prime Posse Posse and Feroz of Vronsky Bros and Sons winning Eve and cashing out 140k and 104k PLEX respectively
    • Dark Shines gave the first Zirnitra kill mail for PLEX for Good 


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