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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Rumble in Providence

The Rumble in Providence. A 150 billion ISK fight may foreshadow a larger conflict in the area. Bjorn Bee, Sutonia and Vily give us heir takes on the Frigate Bay and more.


  • Matterall
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual EutRufhenasia [Pandemic Legion]) 
  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])

Off camera:

  • Vily
  • Bjorn Bee
  • Sutonia

Content Guide: 

AAR from TheLastSparton

An IHUB ref in KBP, the sides were Recking Crew and Seige Green under Errestrian both which had around 200 people. 

Asked Pandemic Horde and NC. after Legacy and INIT were forming, Pandemic Horde brought muunins/jackdaw and NC. brought Muunins 

Providence formed a full mach fleet + 50 carriers and Voltron formed Muunins

Actual fight took place in B-WPLZ

Provi+Legacy side win the objective but lose 185b to 24b 

Loyalty to Lowsec patch

  • Non FW participants who choose to entering FW sites will now get a Suspect flag when activating the acceleration gate
  • A new FW Complex site will be added for Battleships and smaller classes
  • Increased activation ranges for Acceleration Gates in FW Complexes.
    • All Acceleration Gates will now show new perimeter lighting effects, which will show in space without the need for UI. These will indicate whether your ship is in range of activating the acceleration gate or not.
  • Increased LP payouts for FW PvP Kills
  • Champions of Lowsec PvP Contest
    • Alliance with highest isk in pvp kills will get their flag flown on top of the new CCP building for a month
  • Increased PvP Loot Drops and Warp Speed Increase
  • This patch is the final one in the Flight or Fight Quadrant, the next one has yet to be announced but capital rebalance and structure changes hinted at for the second yet-to-be named Quadrant 


ElitistOps, one of the core corps in Snuffed Out, leaves Trigger Happy for We Form V0lta after 2 months. They were in V0lta for 2 months following their departure from Snuffed Out and left for Trigger Happy. 

Terrifying League of Dogfort left the Imperium earlier and settled in Vale of the Silent. They took 8 systems from Reverberation Project after their alliance XO, Talon Shryne, announced it was disbanding due to internal drama. 

Dead Heaven Syndicate (DHS) reformed as Mechanicus Macabre.

CCP Lebowski, a dev in QA announced his departure after 9 years at CCP 


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