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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
EVE Echoes: An Interview with CCP Rax, CCP Alpha and NetEase Melos

Check out Whoisafish’s interview with CCP Rax, CCP Alpha and NetEase Melos to discuss the development of the mobile version of EVE Online with Talking in Stations first-ever episode on EVE Echoes!

Learn more about what EVE Echoes is,  who is making it and why should you play! Meet some of the EVE Echoes corporations and alliances already forming up during the beta of EVE Echoes. We will be interviewing a rep from each team to learn more about what their corporation’s focus will be. You’ll be seeing some new teams and recognize long-established ones crossing over from EVE Online!

We will be interviewing EVE Echoes developers CCP RAX, CCP ALPHA and NetEase Melos with those burning FAQ’s about Echoes.

Discover the Ask Me Anything in the official EVE Echoes Discord and learn how can you sign up for the open beta of Echoes.

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