Logistic Lines of Alliances

Logistic Lines of Alliances
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Alliance level logistics take an enormous effort from dedicated players. They plan and execute preparing equipment and ships anywhere the alliance needs them for a successful defense or deployment.

  • Artimus Albosa   A Blessed Bean [Pandemic Horde]
  • RonUSMC   Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore]
  • Dunk Dinkle   Brave Newbies Inc. [Brave Collective]
  • Nidia Masters   Pandemic Horde Inc. [Pandemic Horde]
  • Panda Solette   Roving Guns Inc. [Pandemic Legion]

What does Alliance Logistics involve?

Sustaining Peace

Fueling War

Changes over time


  • Stalemate in the South
  • Pure Blind under siege
  • Imperium warmongering and Tribute “evacuation”


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