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Guristas: Fatal and the Rabbit

Easter Sunday brings EVE’s version of the Bunny – Fatal and the Rabbit, the founders of the pirate faction Guristas, known for their iconic rabbit symbol. Carneros uses an ultra expensive mutaplasmid live on cam. We also tick down this weeks news; NC deploys to defend B0T, DeadCo and NC reset, new balance changes, update on Brisc Ban, and Chinese players migrate to Tranquility server.

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  • Matterall Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition]
  • Carneros Ancient Hittite Corporation Corporation [The Bastion]
  • Ashterothi Malevelon Roe Industries

NC moves to Malpais to defend B0T from multiple interlopers.

The P3X-TN system on Dotlan and its movement stats showing NCdot deployment to help shore up renter income
Brothers of Tangra Renter alliance on Dotlan

The Spire under assault – L7-BLT Keepstar

The L7-BLT system on Dotlan, an important location for NCdot to defend due to containing a Keepstar that allows supercapital staging
The Spire region in ‘universe’ view on Dotlan
The Malpais region in ‘universe’ view on Dotlan

NC and DeadCo reset

u/Wallymarts Eve’s Reddit post ‘GOTG Reset by NC’
LadyScarlets ping regarding NC resetting DeadCo renters (aka GOTG renters)

Chinese migration to Tranquility server

u/boris_eve’s Reddit post ‘PIBC announces it will move to TQ’
u/FRT-panda’s Reddit post ‘new PIBC alliance name (The Army of mango alliance)…’
u/FRT-panda’s Reddit post ‘PIBC meeting,2000 member ready to join’
First Light on the Fifth Day (in 5K) video on YouTube by Rooksandkings, detailing the fights and metagames of the Serenity China server

GameIndustryBiz’ article covering an Interview at Reboot Develop Blue Game industry Conference with CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson regarding The Chinese Gaming Market
NewZoo’s article detailing a breakdown and summary of the games industry and its growth in 2018
NewZoo’s Infographic regarding the games industry market growth in 2018

War Dec aftermath

CCP’s War Dec change Dev Blog from February, detailing the what and when on War Declaration iterations
u/ToxicYaken’s Reddit post ‘Marmite folding into Pirat, further unifying what is left of Highsec Wardeccers’

CCP Triglavian and Balance changes

Eve University Wiki page detailing the Triglavian Collective and its ships
CCP Rise announcing new Triglavian industry changes coming in May release on the Eve Online forums
CCP Rise confirming on Eve Online Forums that the new Triglavian industry components will drop as part of new content coming soon

CCPs October 2018 balance Dev Blog detailing significant ECM mechanics changes
CCP Rise announcing a change to ECM drones on Twitter
CCP Rise announcing T2 ammo usage in all faction, officer and storyline weapon sizes on Twitter

Additional News

2019 Q1 NPC Pirate Guide by CSM 12 member Suitonia, on Google Docs
Mynts Pants’ Ragnarok lossmail on zKillboard

Interim statement on Brisc Rubal. Follow-up investigation

Initial statement by CCP regarding Briscs removal from the CSM and subsequent banning of him and other players
CCPs follow-up statement on Brisc Rubals Banning and Removal confirming a continuing investigation

u/Tsedd’s Reddit thread ‘Goonfleet *corp* freed from Band of Brothers’ regarding Darius Johnson receiving the old Goonwaffe corp back via CCP
CCP Falcons response on Reddit regarding gifting Darius Johnson the original Goon corporation back to him

Fatal and The Rabbit

Fatal and the Rabbit artists interpretation on Deviantart by Gabriel-Cassata
Eve Onlines chronicle of Fatal and the Rabbit
The Original ‘The Hunt’ Easter event from 2016 involving ‘The Guristas’
‘The Scope – Dread Guristas Steal Supercarrier in Daring Raid’ video on YouTube by CCP
‘EVE Vegas 2015 – EVE Valkyrie Keynote’ video on YouTube by CCP, specifically the segment where Fatal aka Jirai Laitanen of The Guristas is revealed as the primary driving character of Eve Valkyrie
Arataka Research Consortium’s request on the EVE Online forums for ‘Corrupted Trinary Relics’ the first occurrence of Triglavian-styled items in New Eden

CCP’s Eve Source full-color hardcover book on Amazon detailing the history and lore of EVE Online
Amazon listing for The Frigates of Eve Online, a beautifully illustrated book offering an unprecedented look into the frigates of Eve Online

Sov Maps

Alliance sovereignty map by Verite
Coalition sovereignty map by Verite
Last state of Alliance sovereignty on Serenity (china) server on September 30th 2018 by Verite

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