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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Russian vs. Chinese Timezone

We review the Alliance Tournament 2019 hiatus, and the effect it is having on some player’s moral. Seth Shadoow, a Russian FC and leader gives us the truth behind the rise of a new Russian Bloc that threatens the Chinese Fraternity with war. Finally, we hear about an incident when Role Players banded together to defeat Snuffed Out, the low sec apex predatory alliance.

  • Matterall  Destructive Influence Corporation (NC)
  • Carneros  Ancient Hittite Corporation (Bastion)
  • Elise Randolph  Habitual Euthanasia (PL)
  • Seth Shadoow  Ministry of War (SkillU)

Alliance Tournament 2019 hiatus

u/itsavaren’s Reddit post ‘The AT effect is hard to quantify. Here’s an anecdote.’
u/ArmandoKashada’s Reddit post ‘RIP ALLIANCE TOURNAMENT’
u/Casperrr_24’s Reddit post ‘No Alliance Tournament this year’
CCPs Dev blog about the hiatus of the AT in 2019
CCPs Forum thread about the 2019 AT Hiatus
Eve-Bet website, a former hub for Eve Alliance Tournament betting using ISK
VIRION’s Discord ping detailing fallout in content organisers directly connected to the 2019 AT Hiatus
CCP’s Phoebe travel change Update Dev-Blog by CCP Greyscale, used by Elise as an example of a change that affected lowsec small gang fight variety/frequency
Gobbins’ EveWho listing, the leader of Pandemic Horde
Pandemic Horde on Dotlan
The Eve_NT organisation, independent Eve Online Tournament organisers, who helped the production of the 2018 EVE Alliance Tournament

New Russian Block is forming

Period Basis region on Dotlan
u/Hikkata’s Reddit post about new Russian Coalition forming to take on Fraternity
zaren’s post on about the formation of a new Russian Coalition
The Alliance Sovereignty map by Verite on 15th october 2012, when Russian alliances held most of the East and South of Eve Online
The ScourgeDot Alliance and its Corporations on Dorlan
The Skill Urself Alliance and its Corporations on Dotlan

Low Sec Brawl – Snuff vs RPers

CCP’s ‘Chronicles’ fiction portal
CCP’s ‘Short Stories’ fiction portal
The Sifilar and Arzad systems on Dotlan
u/Mikal_Vexor’s Reddit post about the fun RP brawl in Bleak Lands / Devoid lowsec
The Sifilar side of the brawl in the Bleak Lands / Devoid by
The Arzad side of the brawl in the Bleak Lands / Devoid by

Making Money – CCP hiking prices of items made for vets

A Bad Show (For Bad People)’s YouTube video ‘Corrupting Eve for Cash’
Noisy Gamers blog page on blogspot


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