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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Low Sec Pirates

This week Artimus and co-host Silver Suspiria is joined by his old friend turned not-so-bitter enemy, CEO of RDRAW and leader of Pen is Out alliance, Tek Stalker. The two discuss the ongoing war in Cloud Ring, and Artimus gets everyone up to speed on recent news and upcoming changes.


  • Artimus Albosa  Capitalist Army [The Network.] 
  • Silver Suspiria   Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising]
  • Tek Stalker  Rapid Withdrawal [Pen Is Out]

Segment 1: News

  • Cynos are getting their own Overview Group
    • “Future Home of Cyno Fields” in the “Celestial” category will appear after the December patch
    • In February Cynos will be moved from to this new group, so get your overviews fixed before then!
  • Changes to the War Declaration changes coming in the December update
    • Orgs must have an Upwell Structure, POS, POCO, or SOV structure to be “war eligible”
    • Corps can now set themselves to reject Structure Transfers for upwell structures to avoid the transfer of a structure making them war eligible
  • Check out the most recent ep. of Eve Pulse for all the details on the upcoming December release
  • Possible new Skill Injector changes
    • “Drug” on SISI which allows the use of 3 injectors with NO SP LOSS due to pilot SP levels
    • Currently set to last 666.666 days
  • Black Legion… deploys to Delve
    • Initial goals appear to be whale hunting and tear farming
    • Impact on the Geminate content generator?
      • Large pitched battles seemed to have slowed down
      • Skirmishes and roaming gangs still appear prevalent
  • Triumvirate. loses 3 sizable corps and continues to bleed SOV to Skill U
    • Sanctuary of Shadows first, then Malleus Caelum to NC., and finally Lethal Injection Inc. to PL
    • Sov in keepstar/staging system of C-J6MT was lost some time ago
    • Holdings in Insmother being chipped away by Skill Urself, in Scalding Pass by Scourge., Detorid has not been touched, yet.
  • Fraternity leads the Winter Co. charge in fighting against Bright Side of Death and allies in Curse
    • BSOD lose staging fort in 160b ISK fight
    • BSOD and 0RDER SOV in Scalding Pass under threat
    • Potential deal in the works
  • “Onslaught” of FW bots banned
  • Black Fox Marauders leave Gal Mil and their alliance
  • FEDUP Fliet staging fort dies

Segment 2: When FW militias and LS pirates go to war over SOV null…

  • Who are the players?
  • Why the attack?
  • What’s the fighting like?
  • What to expect in the future?

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