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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
New Year's EVE

On the show:

  • Matterall   Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition.]
  • Pandoralica   DEFCON. [The Initiative]
  • Opner Dresden   H A V O C [Northern Coalition.]
  • Vily   S Tier [Test Alliance Please Ignore]
  • Killah Bee   Shiva [Northern Coalition]

Show Notes:

Memorial for Luke Batters – Diana Sarain (Volition Cult)

Last Show on INN

Most Influential Individual – “Pando” Fleet Commander for The Initiative Alliance

Most Influential Alliance – TEST Alliance

‘Absolute’ Boosters and Skill Injectors

2018 Review

First Quarter of the Year


  • Pandemic Legions sets up to invade Providence
  • Imperium reinforce Pandemic Horde’s Keepstar in 9-4RP2, Cloud Ring
    • Six hour fight
    • CCP Falcon comes on to give updates on server health
    • Breaks the Guiness World Record for players on a single server
    • Keepstar repairs due to timer being separate from grid time
  • Triumvirate suffers for resetting local neighbors and destruction of FCON, important because universe was suffering from blue donut syndrome with mass non-aggression pacts between super coalitions
    • Second Keepstar loss of the year
    • Aggressors are Goonswarm, XIX, and TEST
    • Pandemic Horde is given Germinate by XIX, previously they lived on NC.’s western border of Fade, Circle of Two moves into Fade
  • Elo Knight reforms Origin after a long absence

May – June

  • TEST claims Providence from Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition., the former left the south to fend off GSF and INIT on their borders in the north. TEST holds Providence long enough to end up with 97 Faction Fortizars – the most of any one alliance
  • SkillUrself, Hard Knocks and V0lta, the former originally hired to help DRF all turn and ruthlessly attack renters in the north east – Cobalt Edge, Perrigan Falls, Oasa, Etherium Reach – they along with Triumvirate and Winter Coalition force XIX out of Insmother and the east completely
    • SkillUrself kill 5 Keepstars in that area
    • Legacy Coalition offer them space
  • Triumvirate and SkillUrself anticipate an XIX super move fleet out of Insmother and catch them in the C-LTXS system in Wicked Creek. XIX losses include 2 Ragnarok and 16 Hel supercarriers. Losses are estimated to be between 2.1 and 3 trillion. Their final keepstar in  88A-RA in Insmother dies a week later.

Summer War

  • Pandemic Legion moves their super fleet out of the north and travels to Tenerifis, staging on a Fraternity fort on the western border of Legacy Coalition space. This move catalysts the relationship between Imperium and TEST forming Imperium Legacy. Mittani vows, “their problems are our problems.”


  • TEST keepstar in 4-GB14, inherited from Fatal Ascension dies to SkillUrself, given up by TEST it was lightly defended
  • UALX – anchoring TEST Keepstar as a FOB on the western border, strategic ranges
    • Full super fleet of SkillUrself, Triumvirate and Pandemic Legion on-grid for the final timer.
    • Komodo – a faction titan – given to Vily to FC the super fleet from
    • Server node dies and the defenders are given the order to stay logged off. TEST loses the keepstar but extracts safely and uses anchored bubbles and a round-the-clock fleet to catch enemy capitals logging in
    • 11 PL/FRT/TRI/Etc titans killed to 4 TEST titans and keepstar.
    • Two days later, Progod shows on twitch another keepstar being anchored in the
      same spot as well as a fortizar over the trapped super fleet
  • In the North, Goonswarm warm up by killing lowsec keepstars owned by Shadow Cartel in Aschee and Sniggwaffe (Waffles) in Kinakka. The two oldest freeport Keepstars, Aunenen and Maila are allowed to unanchor safely. Maila was stolen as it unanchored and was sold to TEST. Aunenen was recovered successfully.


  • Imperium Legacy reinforce Northern Coalition.’s keepstar in X47L-Q, the north suffers traumatic server-side issues and the super fleet defending the keepstar suffers from mass disconnects and socket closures during the final fight. Total Titan loss from each side during the reinforcement arc was 12 Imperium Legacy to 37 Northern Forces with 14 of those killed in the kill timer
    • The first Molok – a faction titan – is lost
  • Imperium Legacy will kill 5 more Northern Keepstars
    • 3 Circle of Two – DW-T2I
    • 2 Northern Coalition – DO6H-Q

H-5GUI in November

  • 1 Dead Coalition (formerly Guardians of the Galaxy) – 7X-VKB
  • In Iceland, at the first CSM summit of XIII, Aryth approaches Sort Dragon over a deal between Imperium and the north. Sort Dragon will exchange 40 faction fortizars for six months peace in his regions and a one month peace in the entire northern regions. Sort accepts and Imperium move their capital fleet back home.
    • This deal exacerbates tensions in the North. Horde, Pandemic Legion, and Black Legion align against Darkness. Pandemic Horde resets Darkeness and is reset by Northern Coalition. NC. eventually resets Darkness but keeps their longtime blue, Pandemic Legion.

Fall and Winter


  • Things quiet down somewhat as the main force of the Imperium moves back into Delve.  Progodlegend announces a major war in the highsec system of Perimeter as TEST made a massive wave reinforcing all the highsec structures, effectively cutting off a main income of Horde. They also anchored the first highsec Keepstar, Tranquility Trading Tower in the same system, becoming the newest and biggest landlords of the injector and plex income stream.
  • Space Violence and TEST continue to harass Pandemic Legion, Northern Coalition in Geminate. Northern Coalition attempts to online a Keepstar in H-5GUI in Vale of the Silent, strategically in range of the conflict area but it is killed in the attempt.


  • The Initiative ends the year by achieving the impossible, a full frontal assault of a keepstar in jspace. The first ever built and anchored Keepstar, Fort Knocks, in the C5-C5 system of J115405, also known as Rage dies on December 12th, despite a valiant effort of the 5 top wormhole alliances banding together to fight alongside Hard Knocks. The second keepstar, Unassailable Wealth, anchored sometime later dies 3 days later. In total 2 Keepstars, 4 Fortizars, 1 Sotiyo and 11 Astrahauses are killed by Imperium, crippling the once kings of wormhole space. The process took a year, carefully seeding freighters full of materials and astrahauses into Rage and taking advantage of a fractured leadership of the alliance.
  • Triumvirate faced a downward decline as their long-term allies League of Unaligned Master Pilots (LUMPY) joined SkillUrself and relationships fractured with Winter Coaltion, several corps leave for SkillUrself and Triumvirate is forced to abandon their hard-won home of Insmother. In an echo of the XIX move fleet, they lose 10 titans – 1 Erebus and 9 Ragnaroks – in a move op from Insmother to The Forge. Snuffed Out had initial tackle on some of the titans due to the fact that ships cannot tether on a structure 30 seconds after they jump to a cyno and proceeded to shred the super capitals. Triumvirate loses are around 1.15 trillion. They lose their keepstar in C-J6MT in Insmother 5 days later.

Wrap Up:

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Theme: “But Not Tonight” by Depeche Mode (Instrumental)

More Information and Links:

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    1. New Keepstar anchoring
    2. Pandemic Legion ‘sphere hack’ to escape UALX
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    1. /sort-dragon-on-the-deal/
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