Invasion of Rage (Live) – Part 1 of 3

Invasion of Rage (Live) – Part 1 of 3
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On December 8, 2018 at 16:00 EVE time, The Initiative lead a 900-man invasion of Hard Knocks home. The system known as Rage is a C5 class wormhole and contains 2 keepstars in it; one of them was the first Keepstar ever built.

Hard Knocks Alliance was caught off guard and The Initiative quickly went to work; they destroyed several HK towers and dropped their own. The initiative also dropped 35 structures to use as bases for the assault. They additionally reinforced the shields of both keepstars, setting up the next round of fights which will happen December 9th at 02:00.

Talking In Stations was aware of the invasion the moment it started and went live to bring EVE fans coverage as events unfolded. The following is a recording of the beginning of Initiatives invasion of the wormhole system known as Rage.

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  1. HK is so screwed

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