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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
The Divide of Red Menace Coalition

This week on Talking in Stations we go to the south-east and look at the split of Red Menace Coalition as Dream Fleet gets reset by their head FC losing all their SOV in Cache in 48 hours. Red Alliance follows Imperium by setting standings with Legacy Coalition leaving DREAM FLEET fighting to hold onto what little space they have left. We look at EBOLA and their attempt to extort smaller groups in an eviction move but get a surprise fight when Unspoken join former Great Wildlands Conservation members to hold them off.


  • Matterall
  • Dirk MacGirk
  • Carneros
  • Artimus Albosa


  • Hugh Caswakk [New Eden Report]

Show Notes:

  • AT and Viewing Party
  • Cache Conflict
    • Red Menace Coalition started taking sov around when TRI KS died
      • RMC maintained its sov in Period Basis (south of Delve) and standings with the Imperium
    • Dream Fleet decides to live permanently in Cache
      • Broke ties with the Imperium in good standing
      • Attempted to trade Period Basis sov for Red Alliance’s Cache sov to fully control the region, but agreement can’t be reached
      • Dream Fleet decided to go to war with Red Alliance to control Cache
    • Lorianna Lee, member of Dream Fleet alliance leadership, did not want to fight Red Alliance (among other reasons) and disbanded Dream Fleet
    • All Dream Fleet sov is scooped up by Red Alliance
    • Remainder of Dream Fleet reforms as DREAM FLEET.
    • DREAM FLEET. continues to fight for the region and their structures
  • Great Wildlands Conflict
    • E. B.O.L.A steps up to fill power vacuum
      • Literally mails multiple smaller groups an eviction notice of sorts
    • Smaller groups gang up to fight back, batphoning larger neighboring powers at times
      • Turn the momentum of the war, start gaining ground against E.B.O.L.A in terms of structure kills and money moons
    • The war adds to internal pressure and a coup occurs within E.B.O.L.A
  • Etherium Reach Conflict
    • Prothean Alliance held the majority of sov in Etherium Reach after the fall of the Drone Regions Federation
    • Most of the outposts were taken by other entities during the outpost to faction citadel transition, and many expected Prothean Alliance to fold after scooping the remainder
      • Some faction citadel sold or otherwise transferred back, Prothean Alliance started retaking lost sov in Etherium Reach
    • Etherium Breach coalition forms to carve a piece of Etherium Reach for themselves
      • Includes Unspoken Alliance, Just A Game, Bow Down., and others
    • Etherium Breach able to win most pitched battles, so Prothean Alliance recently started an entosis offensive on Etherium Breach sov

Wrap Up:

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Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)



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