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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Conversations: Andrew Groen, Steven Messner, Carneros and Matterall

Here at Talking In Stations, we examine EVE Online from the perspective of a veteran player that has been active and influential for many years. Our goal is to break down the knowledge veterans have for newer players. Every so often we pull back and look at EVE from an outsiders view. In doing so, we gain perspective on EVE, meta-EVE, and virtual worlds in general.

Did you know female players constitute only 4% of the EVE player base? Did you know the median age of players is over 30 years old? These are the facts that challenge TIS to see the game as more than a game. Something is happening here – in a virtual world.

A few weeks ago we invited PC Gamer’s Senior writer Steven Messner and Author Andrew Groen to join Carneros and me for a discussion about virtual worlds and how writers relate to them.  Carneros is an accomplished developer of MMORPG’s – including CCP.  He was known as CCP Zinfendale back in the Incarna Expansion days, named after his admiration of wine. All four of us discussed How we got hooked and why we do what we do – write.

This bonus TIS episode is a 2-hour stream of consciousness discussion on Virtual Worlds, and the media that cover them.


Thank you to Maccloud, our editor of video

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 by mindvr in August 23, 2018

Just a quick note, term WW2 was coined before the actual war even began. It's similar to WW3 being a thing, even though it has not yet (never, hopefully) happened. >OED says that the Manchester Guardian coined "World War No. 2" on 18 February 1919, "with reference to an imagined future war arising out of the social upheaval consequent upon the First World War (1914-18)." Their next citation for "World War II" is Time Magazine on 11 September 1939. The phrase "Second World War" appeared in Political Science Quarterly in September 1942; but it had been previously used by H G Wells in The Autocracy of Mr Parham in 1930.

 by David Matterall in June 2, 2019

Good to know. I always heard WWII was considered an extension of the "Great War" at the time.

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