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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
War Bonds

DaBigRedBoat visits TIS to talk about Imperium counterpunching in Quarious and Delve, and explains what the Imperium war bonds are for. Niden, former editor of Crossing Zebras, hot drops in to catch up on two and a half years of absence.


DaBigRedBoat, Niden


Elise Randolph, Matterall, Caleb, Suitonia, Hateless

Control Room: Maccloud (stream engineer)


  • Patch Day – Explosive Velocity (Bombers)
    • Torps updated, bombers nerfed, Phoenix buffed
    • Market: A temporary reduction of 50% has been made on the sales tax for the Regional Market during the Black Friday Tax Haven.
    • Sales Tax is now set to 2.5%, reduced from its previous value of 5%. This reduction lasts until 11:00 UTC Monday, 30 November
    • Griffin Navy Issue buff
  • Drone Changes (Proposed) ”Feast or Famine”
  • Server Status Briefing
  • Alliance Tournament Review
  • War Bonds
  • Dismantling Delve
    • 2200 structures 2 months ago
    • 1800 structures a week ago
    • Zkillboard – Delve structures falling fast (Goon Athanors)
  • Initiative – Y-2ANO Fort flip to PL, Move from Esoteria to Curse
  • Imperium Winning
    • Revenant, Levi, Bombing run, ihub victories in Keepstar systems
  • Trivia/fast subjects
    • Ushra’khan turns 16y
    • Brave Dojo is 7y


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