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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
News and Fanfest Review

It has been a week of heavy development in and around EVE Online.  Alliances in the north are faltering under attacks from the Goonswarm from the south. In the east, pressure on Drone Region Federation pushed them to retreat to just two regions Insmother and Cache. Opner Dresden from Mercenary Coalition fills us in on recent events. We catch up to Elise Randalph after his wonderful presentation on the history and lineage of Fleet Commanders in EVE. NoizyGamer talks about being backstage at Fanfest.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Ashterothi (Fed Up, Gallente faction war, broadcaster, EVE analyst)


  • Noizygamer (Low Sec Explorer and Resourcer; blogger)
  • Elise Randolph (Pandemic Legion)
  • Opner Dresden (Mercenary Coalition, former CEO Explicit Alliance of Drone Control Unit coalition)


Show Notes:

  • News
    • Guardians of the Galaxy vs some of Goonswarm’s special interest group (sigs)
      • Darkness’s Kenshin corp director flips. Assets stolen include 1 Keepstar and all Deklein Fortizars owned by Kenshin. Kenshin directors Woodbine and LETUSDIG kicked from corp for doxxing
      • Doxxing Discussion
        • Table Flipping in EVE
        • Fair Play Alliance
      • VFK Fort flips to Goons from Solyaris Chtonium [SLYCE], King Voodoo defected to the Imperium, steals 300 bil (reported).
      • Causes of defections
      • SLYCE going through growing pains
      • Pandemic Horde moved out of the area, leaving Pure Blind more vulnerable
      • Station Flipping Mechanics
    • NC deploys to Gehi (Khanid, south) and supers in 0-YMBJ (Tribute, north)
    • DRF
      • Drone Control Unit coalition disbands
      • Legion of xXDEATHXx Alliance retreats to 2 regions – Insmother and Cache
    • Scams
      • Ichooseyou ripped off when buying characters
      • Goons recruitment scams
      • History of Goons rental program and casino
      • Types of income generation
    • VOLTA-urself [Pizza/Paisti] – Keepstar Kill (10th) in Perrigen Falls
      • Given Keepstar from DIVE, or evac blue rights
      • Buying citadels instead of fighting for them


  • Fanfest  and Abyssal space
    • Fleet Commanders of EVE – presentation by Elise Randalph
      • Influenced by “Continuum of War” presentation of EVE Vegas 2017 [Find here –TIS October]
    • Empires of EVE: Volume II – Kickstarter
    • NoizyGamer behind the scenes at Fanfest
    • June 5th – 6th Outposts and Stations change to Faction Fortizars
      • 68 Original conquerable station owners get a beacon in space
      • Pandemic Legion is sitting on Providence, waiting for the transition
      • UrshaKhan station surprise by Elise
    • Fanfest Review
    • Abyssal Dead Space
      • Introduction
      • “Enchanting” items
      • New Profession – Crafting
      • Reactions to the Abyssal space
    • PI QoL pass (moved to next week)
    • CSM Interview starting soon, from TIS


  • Hiring – Producer for TIS (Message Matterall in Discord via
  • Thanks to Maccloud (Engineer), Keskora (Webmaster)
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Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)

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