Battle of C-LTXS

Battle of C-LTXS

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The news roundup was interrupted by the battle of C-LTXS one hour into the show.  We switched to live coverage of the massive fight. Before that switch, we covered a lot of ground, including the fresh news that Sort Dragon’s Avatar had been picked off. The trap was set by Kun’mi (aka Odell) from Goonswarm. He talked us through what happened.  Apothne, Jin’taan and Killah Bee discussed Providence and the DRF situation but expanded on the larger themes of alliances and their struggles.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Apothne


  • Kun’mi (Goonswarm)
  • Jin’taan (TEST)
  • Killah Bee (NC.)

Show Notes: [written by January Valentine]

Sort’s Avatar down to “Asher’s Boys”

  • Kunmi – explains what happened with Sort
  • Sort had warped to a gate where he was caught

“They were waiting for several super carriers as they had to gate them through DKUK, saw the Aeon go through, Erebus decloaked and they killed it pretty quickly. Crucial part was [GotG] spent all week moving their cap fleet into WLF or DO6.”

  • Boat and Kun’mi

“Boat as a secondary cyno and Kun’mi lighting the initial cyno. Dreads on the WLF side sieged-red, deagressed and jumped, bumping Sort’s avatar on the gate.”


The broader picture of the GSF harassment of GotG

Matterall asked why GotG was changing the front from Pure Blind to Tenal/Venal. Kun’mi said they shifted first ever since the announcement of the “faction fortiz/arstations change.” GotG became more sensitive of GSF in that space since GSF put more Aegis sov pressure in that space. NC/PL with MC/Horde and a dozen other alliances at different times. Deploying the main GSF campaign to Pure Blind and moving one SIG up north into Venal which gives blops range into Branch which most is rented out. Response from GoTG to move to WF to counter.

Jin’taan remarks how dissimilar it was to the Goon campaign deploying to Hakanon and Navula, the ‘Two Week War’ with this current iteration being less of a hammer stroke invasion and it is growing more naturally and nuanced. The UN (United North) not coming together until GSF had gotten a foothold into ROIR due to their sigs contrasted them coming together more quickly when GSF moved from Delve.  Kun’mi said that they had dreads still left in Hakonen from last July and the insurance was running out on them so the plan was to drop on GotG rorquals and ratting carriers.

  • Understanding the Conflict

Since everything is heavily timezone tanked with the important structures coming out in AUTZ which is the GSF’s weakest TZ and GoTG’s better response to fixed point engagements, Kun’mi said the strategy is to apply pressure everywhere and at all times. Targeting the IHUBs when they can destroys any upgrades which drops the ADMs and makes the space easier to troll-entosis.

Taking back PL’s space in Providence

Test imposing their will on Providence and PL who is known to PvP Juggernaut is having to back out because they are getting swamped by TEST. Apothne points out that is what the viewpoint is when you pay attention where the ‘PL Dumpster meme’ is actually PL moving their FOB out of a vulnerable position by Test’s super fleet. Jinta’an points out the stations that have been retaken from PL have been taken by Legacy Coalition with Providence taken most of the IHUB and TCUs. The reward of this invasion will go to Legacy Coalition.


  • The skirmish over Sotiyo TRI/DRF
  • Insmother heavily contested

Killah Bee saying that the “paper tiger” term for DRF was not really applicable since DRF always had the means to pay people to fight their conflicts for them

AT Rule Announce

  • Apothne very excited for the new rules announcement. Many theorycrafters have to throw the current meta out the window. Jin’taan is also involved in the commentary.
  • Mutated mods allowed on flagships which are counted as a unique ship. There can only be 1 unique ship per team. AFs went up 1 point due to DCU.

Super Brawl in Wicked Creek

XIX fed a super move fleet to Tri. DRF had a meeting and a move op that followed but caught by TRI as they were moving to Legacy space.

DRF collapsing into Legacy Coalition which bolsters them and leaves a vacuum in DRF’s previous space. DRF joining Legacy shifts the power balance of the overall coalitions as GotG weakens and TEST/Legacy have frenemy relations with Imperium.


Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)


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