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Winter Co. and Vegas 2019

This week on Talking in Stations marks the countdown to Eve Vegas, we are joined with longtime volunteer coordinator and this year’s player speaker Greygal and our very own Elise Randolph to give a rundown on what to expect during the Eve Vegas weekend. Also, Matterall speaks with Fraternity alliance executor, Noraus, on the culture of Chinese players in Eve Online as well as his plans for rebuilding after Winter Coalition’s exodus from the South.

PL’s Hedliner on the Chaos Era

Pandemic Legion’s leader, Hedliner, tells us what he thinks about the EVE Vegas, Chaos Era, and how CCP is developing the game lately. We explore the Vanquisher killed this week, the situation in Detorid, the CSM summit, and the Peak Concurrent-players (PCU) statistics that show how many EVE players are online.

EVE Vegas Show

We’re live in VEGAS, and we’re talking in a station, or what could pass for it. Carneros and Matterall bring on guests to talk about the new stuff, the Vegas events, and player news. Recorded live from the CCP EVE Vegas conference.

EVE Vegas: Continuum of War

EVE Vegas: Continuum of War

Eve Vegas Presentation: Continuum of War – the last 5 years of null-sec wars through the eyes of line member, Apaolo Miros. Presented by Matterall (C7 wormhole expert) Intro Voices: CCP Mimic, Alekseyev Karrde (Declarations of War Podcast) Video: https://go.twitch.tv/videos/180443881 (start at 1:37:00) includes chat Watch EVE Vegas 2017 – Day 2 from CCP on www.twitch.tv   Leave Comments on the youtube version    

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