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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Ratting in the Age of Scarcity

What will the updates to NPC ratting in null bring to the EVE Universe? Will scarcity design make it difficult to thrive in null-sec or usher in a new era of activity? We ask expert players from various gameplay styles.


Suitonia, Elise, Hateless, Arsia, Tiberius, Matterall

Control Room: Maccloud (stream engineer)


ESS and Dynamic Ratting changes.

Null money making vs other sources?

Nullsec specific Income sources::

Mining Arkonor / Bistot

Drug gas mining

Supercapital Production

Pirate Anomaly sites

Pirate Escalation Chains

Higher level DED Signaturess

Pirate Missions from NPC Null Space

Higher level Sansha Incursions

Other Income sources (area specific and non-area specific):

Moon Mining (all types R64-R4)

Wormhole gas sites

Wormhole Sleeper sites

Every level Relic / Data / Ghost Exploration Sites

Mining (other than rare moon and Arkonor / Bistot)

Lower level Sansha Incursions

Missions (lvl1-5)

NPC Burner Missions

Abyssal Running

Temporary Event sites 

Planetary Interaction

Capital and subcapital Production

Market Trading

Market Speculations

Doctrine contract fulfillment 

Risk vs Reward, Is this long held mantra of Eve Development still applicable to modern Eve Online?

Human desire for path of least resistance, desire for more efficient work yields

Twitch versus EVE

7 Fleets 

Isd And CCP participated

Tons of giveaways happened

Killmails from it enter into giveaways on monday

FWST Keepstar Fight now the holder of 2 World Records



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