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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Pochven: Triglavians Create New Region

Triglavians have stolen 27 systems creating their own Region known as Pochven. How will this affect the New Eden starmap and the players trapped inside the region? And a review of the major battles of the week. Record breaking battles not seen in EVE, ever.

Guests: Uriel

Panel: Matterall, Arsia, Maccloud, Tiberius


Game News

Gates Flickering

New region (Triglavian space)

Edencomm Outrage

Final Quadrant – Phoenix (super carriers)

Player News

Battle in 319-3D last (4,500)

Battle in YZ9-F6  (3,400)

Battle in 319-3D (5,400)

Next Battle in YZ9-F6 (preview)

Wrap up and Close

Andrew Groen – book release and interview

Wormhole view of Triglavian space – The Anoikis Connection ep3


Show Links,1DQ1-A,YZ9-F6

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