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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Y-2 Bomber Victory - Talking In Stations

Bombing Fleet Commander Dabigredboat of Goonswarm is the key to stunning victory for his alliance. With help from SisterBliss of Initiative, Boat sinks nearly 200 Raven battleships and saves the Keeepstar armor timers, setting PAPI forces back.


Dabigredboat (DBRB or Boat), Killah Bee

Matterall, Elise Randolph, Baleful Dysnomia, Caleb Aranya, Maccloud


Game News

  • Echoes Launched (connected to EVE sometime in the future)

Player News

  • Y-2 Bombing Run
    • Next Moves
  • The fall of “Hippy Garden” 
  • Triglavian Invasion update – Edecomm works all night

Other News

  • First Days of Echoes
  • Pearl Abyss, EVE IP up 32%



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