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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Quadrant 3: Zenith (CCP Devs)

Talking in Stations plays host to CCP on their Twitch channel for a conversation about Quadrant 3 – Zenith. CCP Oracle, CCP Signal, CCP Rise, CCP Psych and CCP Convict will be appearing with Matterall and Suitonia to talk about some of the new things headed your way. There’ll be more information on the upcoming ESS changes, the Command Ship rebalance and a look at the Proving Grounds, plus some brand new information about features and events that are in store for Quadrant 3. Don’t miss it!



Quadrant 3 – Zenith – is here. (CCP Oracle)

Proving Grounds official open on Thursday (CCP Signal)

– Streamer event on Saturday (CCP Convict)

– Champions of the Abyss event over the quadrant (CCP Convict)

Command ships are getting a balance pass (CCP Rise)

ESS Rework (CCP Psych)

World War Chappy monument added (CCP Convict)

Molea cemetary finally coming on 21 July (CCP Convict)

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