Valasius and KiithSoban on the State of Low Security Space

Valasius and KiithSoban on the State of Low Security Space

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The Current State of Low Security Space according to Valasius from Dock Workers, and KiithSoban from Ushra’Khan. Memorial message for former Brave leader Lychton Kondur.


  • Valasius  (FC of Did He Say Jump [Dock Workers])

  • KiithSoban (FC and corp director of Hoplite Brigade [Council member of Ushra’Khan])

TIS Crew:

  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])

  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])

  • MacCloud (The Graduates [The Initiative.])

  • Matterall

The Current State of Low Security Space

  • Interview with Low sec heavyweights: Dock Workers and Ushra’Khan

  • Famous Dock Worker member corporations like Did He Say Jump, Kiwis in Space, Rents Due Crew, Adversity., and Sanctuary of Shadows and lead by Predator Elite.

  • Ushra’Khan’s leading corporations are T.R.I.A.D, Hoplite Brigade, and
    Kill’em all. Let Bob sort’em out. And is led by Harkon Thorson.

  • Dock Workers were founded November 16, 2019 and have made a noticeable impact

  • Ushra’Khan were founded November 25, 2004 with an amazing history.



  • Tell us about yourself (briefly)

    • Tell us about your EVE journey to get to where you are?

    • Who are you and what do you do in your corporation?

  • Tell us about the history of Low Sec.

    • What years were the golden heyday of Low Sec?

    • How much better were those years to today?

  • Tell us about the current state of Low Sec?

    • What is better in Low Sec than null sec? Than high sec?

    • You moved from a wormhole to Low Sec — what do you like better in Low Sec?

    • Why would one consider living in Low Sec?

    • Why are Dock Workers based in Low Sec?

    • What is a misconception that non-Low Sec players have about  Low Sec?

  • What is one thing CCP could do to improve Low Sec?

  • What is one thing you hope that CCP does _not_ change in Low Sec?

  • What would you like to see players (not CCP) do next in New Eden?

  • What advice do you have for a new resident of Low Sec?



  • Surgical Strike arrived on April 15 so we have experienced 12 days of this new EVE so far

  • 32 supercarriers and 6 titans have died in those 12 days.

  • In the previous 12 days of April 3 -15, the following died: 33 supercarriers and 1 titan

  • Forsaken Fortress coming on May 26 with major structure changes

  • Plex For Good for COVID-19

  • CCPTV is hosting a sort of virtual concert show of EVE Symphony music today at 19:30 on Twitch.TV

  • Lychton Kondur passed — famous CEO of Brave Newbies soon after the battle of Asakai. He was the same guy who lost Brave Newbies to a coup, then was selected again to lead Brave again later. He made a huge impact on many lives.




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