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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CCP Rise on Wormholes Expansion

CCP Rise talks about Team Talos work on wormholes. Many new wormholes are appearing in jspace.


  • Matterall 
  • CCP Rise
  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Colby Bosh’tet (Great White Hunters [Feasting Frenzy])

Off camera:

  • Loroseco Kross (Hard Knocks Inc [Hard Knocks Citizens]) 

Content Guide: 

Patch – “From Wormholes with Love” –

Wormhole changes (perm changes)

Guardians Gala (event Feb 13th – 24th)

Increased Loot Drops (temporary in wh only)

25% off skins for popular WH ships

UI changes – red dot 


  1. Wormhole connections increase greatly, especially high end wormholes
    1. Design Goal (Reduce feeling of known safety)
      1. How are people reacting to changes?
      2. Will you iterate on this soon?
  2. Astrahaus and Drifter changes
    1. what problem did it solve (farming with Astrahaus)
    2. Any side effects to solving it this way?
  3. Guardians Gala – how do I get involved, cant find it. Not on Agency
  4. Implants
    1. “Nirvana” – LP store/loot – shield HP more available? Stats nerfed or OP implants?
    2. “Amulet” – LP store/loot – Armor HP 
    3. “Savior” – sub-cap rep cycle time.
  5. Tiericide Modules – cap transfer. Names have changed for modules, market orders removed
  6. Mineral Redistributions (for another show)



Wormholes and wormhole connections: A wormhole is a piece of space that looks a lot like null sec space but is not anywhere on the map and can only be visited through temporary connections. A connection generally lasts about a day or until too many large ships go through it destabilizing it.

Rolling wormholes: If you don’t like where a wormhole connection is, you can deliberately move heavy ships through it to destroy it. It will respawn elsewhere pretty quickly. You’ll need to scan it down again.

PVE in wormholes: in wormholes, you can run NPC “ratting” sites like elsewhere but if you can also cause it to escalate to NPC capital ships and earn more ISK. Wormhole PVE is lucrative. 

PVP in wormholes: is usually consensual, usually small in scale, and usually uses more expensive ships since wormholers are wealthy.

Categories of wormholes: wormholes come in categories of complexity/difficulty called wormhole classes. They range from Class 1 to Class 6.


  • Dead Co breaking up. Ranger Regimen and others moving to Imperium.
  • Inner Hell, Hard Knocks, Lazerhawks join forced to evict



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