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As we start the new year, the War of the Dead started off in October with a minor move from NC. and PanFam to Tenal now sees Legacy Coalition and The Initiative added to either side. We sit down with Bloc FC Pando from The Initiative to discuss what these means going forward. 
Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Nobody Expects the TEST Inquisition!

As we start the new year, the War of the Dead started off in October with a minor move from NC. and PanFam to Tenal now sees Legacy Coalition and The Initiative added to either side. We sit down with Bloc FC Pando from The Initiative to discuss what these means going forward. 


  • Pandoralica (CEO of DEFCON. [The Initiative.]) and INIT. Bloc FC
  • Hedliner (no show. Boooo!)

TIS Crew:

  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • Matterall (TIS)

War of the Dead


  • TEST has quickly become the main aggressor in the newest skirmish taking place in Dead Coalition’s main space of Branch and Deklein. Staging out of RIOR- in Pure Blind, they’ve had a few skirmishes this week but most noticeable is their lack of supercarriers and titans in these fights.
  • Expectations for this skirmish given how the environment is shaping up 
  • What are the expectations for 2020


Subject #2 

  • Any CCP predictions for 2020?




  • Filaments 
  • Trumpet Mouth Calvary had their home system of J172431, a C5 class wormhole completely burned and looted. Sources estimate approximately 250bill was taken along with a sotiyo, a tatara and 5 fortizars. Talking in Stations will try to have a representative of Inner Hell on next week to discuss what went down with this eviction and their past evictions. 
  • The first supercapitals to die in 2020 was a Revenant-class supercarrier belonging to a member of Brothers of Tangra. He was killed by the legendary black op pilot Fredrick VonHole. The second was a Ragnarok-class titan belonging to Fraternity. It died by Trigger Happy capital drop in their neighborhood of Venal. 
  • Speaking of Trigger Happy, TEST started reinforcing a neutral fortizar in y0-bvn in Vale of the Silent and Trigger Happy chased their fleet to the sun. A traditional dread slap fight occurred and Trigger Happy walks away losing 25b to TEST’s 75b.  



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