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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
2019 in Review: Spring

We kick our 2019 Year In Review starting with a jam-packed January to March. Progodlegend and Harvey Skywarker join us as we talk about the end of the TEST campaign in Oijanen and the influence of Skill Urself in the Southern War.


  • Harvey Skywarker 
  • Progodlegend

TIS Crew:

  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • January Valentine (Talking in Stations Producer)


    • Introduction – setting up beginning of 2019
      • HK Keepstars kills
      • First highsec keepstar anchored in Perimeter
      • TEST campaign in Oijanen
      • Non Aggression pack with Winter Coaltion/Fraternity and Legacy Coalition
      • Imperium SIGs in Kalevala Expanse which is where PH renters live

 Northern conflict 

      • Oijanen campaign announced by Progodlegend starts to ramp up
        • Some major skirmishes go on back and forth
        • Multiple fortizars anchored by TEST+allies including several faction fortizars
        • Imperium SIG Space Violence stages in FDZ4-A in a fortizar and spreads several ‘roach motel’ astrahus and raitaru-class structures around the constellation
        • Failed fortizar anchor by TEST in LX4 resulting in roughly 645b in losses 
      • TEST contending with Horde dropping Azbels around the clock in Perimeter
      • Bat Country, a long time Pandemic Legion corporation, leaves for Pandemic Horde
      • March – Siberian Squad loses 8 supercarriers out of a fleet of 25 in an escalation path gone sideways for them. Two were dropped to bait out a fight of the local residents of 5ZXX-K. Snuffed Out dropped a dread bomb on them and Panfam showed up with a Ferox fleet to start taking the dreads out. INIT dogpiled in with a Loki fleet to get the Feroxes off to allow the dreads to escape. In the end, Siberian Squads lost 235b, 135b lost by [B B C] and allies and 52b by [TRI] [NC.] [PL][PH] and the other smaller entities.  
      • January – 29th – French ConneXion. [FXR] loses an anchoring Fortizar in R-2R0G.
      • February – [INIT.] lost 75b in B-DBYQ to Nightmares [NC.] Jackdaws [PL] in an ambush. A video released the previous day teased a titan move fleet from Fountain to their staging in Hakonen. The Initiative would not do well in the campaign in the North, killing roughly 60billion in structures and a few rorquals and leaving in March. 
      • TRI had attempted to reinforce an Azbel belonging to Old Sch00l [OLDS] in EC-P8R with a fleet of Machariels. After tackling the fleet with Interdictors, they dropped an Erebus-class Titan on the fleet and bosoned the trapped battleships. Since the Titan is vulnerable after bosoning, TRI attempted a dreadbomb but ended up mispositioning their Machariels which died to the Titan. An hour later, their own staging Fortizar came out of its final timer, with 0ld School, NC., B B C and INIT showing up to kill the Fortizar. TRI lost 58b that day with Banderlogs Alliance and OLDS following up with 3.54b lost


  • Southern War


    • 46DP-O and Y-F5N are the hot spots in Tenerfis and Immensea 
      • Skill Urself is blue to Winter Coalition and Fraternity and win quite a few fights starting off the year
      • The battle lines are drawn pretty much Skill Urself, their russian allies Scourge versus Legacy and their smaller alliance allies
    • A SkillUrself dreadbomb with Scourge Lokis in support drop on xXLegion of Death ratting supercarriers in DDI-B7. They lost almost 200bill to half a billion to the attacking SkillUrself and Scourge.
    • January – TEST loses an Avatar-class Titan, a Nyx-class supercarrier and a handful of Megathron and Bhaalgorns in a titan drop by [B B C] in Hrober. The fleet was moving north to support TEST’s campaign against Panfam. Vily would later go on reddit and decry Snuffed Out, for although they had been working together for the last few years, they were understood to be ‘bluetral’. TEST’s losses were 114b. 
    • February  – Citing internal differences Scourge., a formidable Russian alliance, disbands. The main corporation VooDoo Warriors joining xXLegion of Death and the others splintering into various russian alliances.
    • March 24th – An Avatar and Erebus, 8 Hels and 13 Minokawas [TEST] were destroyed in 0-O6XF by a fleet of Revelation and Naglfar-class dreadnoughts [B B C]. Brisc Rubal, a notable INIT member posted the BR on Reddit, citing ‘revenge’ for TEST blocking Snuffed Out in the Keepstar attack in Camal. According to Vily – the co-alliance XO of Test Alliance Please Ignore – was in retaliation for Snuffed Out dropping on a super fleet move-op back in January. TEST lost approximately 400b in the drop.
    • Fi.Re Coalition – the remnants of xXLegion of Death, and notable russian Red Alliance forms on February 15th. 
    • March – The first Komodo ever built dies. Legacy Coalition had dropped their titan fleet on a pair of titans owned by Fraternity alliance-xo Noraus. Upon warping to a regional gate the Komodo pilot bumped off 45km and a fleet was scrambled by FRT to kill it.
    • Origin… leaves their alliance Black Legion… to join Fraternity in March 
  • The Quiet War
    • A Keepstar in MTO2-2 belonging to Pain and Suffering Alliance [PAIN] had possibly been made a freeport and was being used by Goonswarm Federation to drop on the surrounding systems.
    • February – The Quiet War continues to simmer as a Fortizar belonging to Prothean Alliance [PROT] came out of its final timer in L-ZJLN. The attacking Nightmares [TIKLE] and Jackdaws [GSF] were not strong enough to push off the defending Typhoons and support of Coastal Brotherhood [-C.B-] with the bulk of the fleet being  [-X3-] [PROT]. The attacks lost 7.5b and the defenders saved the fortizar losing 1.33b doing so.



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