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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Vegas Recap

Now that the crew has made it home from Vegas, we sit down to an all panelist episode to take a deep dive through Eve Vegas 2019. A recap of news includes the Fraternity SOTA that TIS live streamed on Saturday, the Inner Hell wormhole evictions that were capped off with a Keepstar kill and some interesting stats from the Halloween Trick or Treat 100% PvP loot event. In the last half of the show, we get into the details of some of the proposed updates led by “Team Talos”, a new development team led by CCP Rise, which will be bringing bi-monthly updates focused on veterans to Eve Online.

TIS Crew:

  • Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion])
  • Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthanasia [Pandemic Legion])
  • January Valentine (Talking in Stations Producer)
  • ExookiZ (The Dark Space Initiative [Scary Wormhole People])
  • Exonfang (Fweddit [Free Range Chikuns])

Show Notes


  • FRT SOTA yesterday
    • Staying in Outer Passage temporarily to regroup until they find their new forever home (near the end of the year)
    • EU FCs were the big failing, but that’s going to be addressed.
    • Moves to avoid cherry picking ores, via ESI tools and Mining Ledger
    • On activity, Noraus: “I will be very dedicated for you for the next few years.  I guarantee you.”
    • Organization was not in place to support an alliance of his size
    • In restructuring lies opportunity
    • Toast to the victors, celebrate the victories and know your time will come again 
  • CCP clarifies that existing Upwell Structures will not be grandfathered for current anchor distance. All structures need to be moved within 30 days. No planning is possible yet due to lack of key specific information. 
  • Korean localized EVE Online launches November 14, 2019. 
  • SNUFFED OUT has begun relocating their members as part of winding down operations. Lots of troop movements at this time.
    • VOLTA picked up former snuff and PL corp Elitist Ops (ISRAD)
    • Adversity went to Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU]
  • Inner Hell Wormhole Evictions
    • Inner hell has been evicting people for ages, in recent months they’ve started to scale up their targeting, taking advantage of the boosh meta to evict targets that would normally be too hard. This may be seen less after the beat around the booshes update coming soon.
    • MOST of their evictions have just  been hitting smaller, inactive corps who have fortizars up. and MOST didnt turn into anything of note.
    • Oct 26th they killed a Hole Control farm fortizar in a C6. This also went unopposed
    • oct 25th they evicted Holesale. Holesale has been dead for months, and there was to opposition.
    • Oct 11th they evicted a C5 farming corp w/ a fort, unopposed
    • Sep 21 they killed a keepstar in Wh space, another mostly dead WH corp called Spatial Instability. There was a fight for this one, but again, boosh meme made it pretty one sided
  • Markee Dragon corp war dec’s 180 corps & alliances to get in on the 100% drop rate.  The random corps band together and reinforce their staging fortizar in what appears to be fun high-sec shenanigans 
  • Players react to Halloween Trick or Treat week with a lot of zkillboard kill shenanigans

Eve Vegas

  • “You are the backbone of the game,” CCP Burger. Instead of core being the fundamental technology it is actually the veteran community. 
  • Change from big updates to small, more manageable balance passes that keep the game fresh 
    • Team Talos – every two weeks until the end of the year, able to be moved around as time and production load permits
      • 1st – Warp Speed Changes
      • 2nd – Howling Interceptors with Trick or Treat Week
        • Learn a lot about behaviour like how much does loot act as an incentive to do things or do people not actually care 
        • How much looted modules drops have to do with total material sink
        • Future Prediction: Tying module drop to system security
      • 3rd – Booshes and Bosons
        • Overall very pleased with the creativity and originality that people have used when using Command Destroyers but wanted to reign back the idea of an incredibly reliable way to move people infinitely around a grid
        • Booshes limited to 25 people – randomly selected from all valid targets (pilots not scrammed)
      • 4th – Rapid Fire
    • “Shield Slaves is pretty memey at this point”, CCP Rise. Having a tentative roadmap pushed out and having to be moved around causing delays and disappointment
    • Eve is a Friendship Machine
      • TiS 
    • New PLEX Wallet coming into December will segway into a global PLEX market
      • Tranquility Tower will suffer as taxes from selling PLEX will move away 
      • Just a start of what they plan on doing with Portal App
    • Lots of focus from CCP on income and wealth inequality (CCP Larikin and CCP Ghost talks & roundtables)

CCP Interviews

Things You Might Not Know

  • January Valentine – WS-6xx
  • Exonfang –  gate camp tips

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