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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Conflict in Providence

Without a doubt, Providence is one of the more storied regions in the New Eden cluster. On this episode, Proviblock and Rekking Crew sit down with Artimus and Silver to talk about the ongoing conflict in the region, and why it has grown more fierce in recent months. Guests include Akadios Sol and Cj Allyn from Sev3rance, and RoCkEt X and TheLastSparton from Rekking Crew.


  • Arkadios Sol (Trust Doesn’t Rust [Sev3rance])
  • Cj Allyn (Un4seen Development [Sev3rance])
  • TheLastSparton (Caldari Colonial Defense Ministry [Templis CALSF])

TIS Crew

  • Artimus Albosa (NOIR.)
  • Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])

The graphics for this episode contain an image used with permission from Razorien. Thanks Razorien!

Show Notes



  • From last sunday’s show, Invasion #36, Triglavian roaming fleets WILL warp into people mining sealed conduits (Emerging, Minor, Major, and World Ark sites)


Topic A – RC vs Provi

  • Who is provi?
  • Who is RC?
  • The start of this conflict
  • Narrative until ~1mo ago
  • What’s changed recently?
  • What’s happening now?


  • Shareable bookmarks mass test on Oct. 10th at 17:00 Eve Time

Something you might not know… (Tell the audience something they might not know about Eve. Could be mechanics, player history, lore, etc.)

  • Artimus: Organize hoarded items and limit soul crushing lag with Station Containers
  • 1Ron:
  • Silver:
  • Arkadios Sol:Did you know Ushra’Khan and CVA are the oldest alliances in EVE? They both started back in 2004 and they are still alive and kicking.
  • Cj Allyn: Fitting,That my favorite ship in the game should be my fun fact: The ship “hecate” Named for the Greek Goddess of Magic. Is the most mispronounced ship in the game Hek uh tey or heck it. I call it the Brocat because its a brawling monster.
  • RoCkEt X: Immediately following the ‘Dominion’ expansion (2009 q1 – the introduction of fighter bombers and useful anti capital weaponry on titans), fighter bombers didn’t have their explosion radius/velocity set correctly for several weeks, resulting in circa 19k dps and almost perfect application target hulls sized battlecruiser and up without the need for webs/paints. Because kills were mostly instant, killmails would bug and only show the damage inflicted by the fighter bomber that got final blow. Cue hilarity: 
  • TheLastSparton:  Mechanic wise I’m not sure how many people also didn’t know this but I only found out recently that bombers can cloak after launching their bomb and it will still cause damage.  I had always heard from people that you had to stay uncloaked or it would do no damage

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