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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Spotlight on Scalding Pass

Jellel Hakkim and Kronos Hopeslayer of Brave Collective outline their deployment against Fraternity in Scalding Pass, where they occupied several constellations and attempted to deny Fraternity of using the space effectively. Other topics covered include details about NOIR.’s recent reformation, Iron Armada collapsing into their executor corporation and joining Goonswarm Federation, the upcoming September changes, and the Southern War.


  • Jellel Hakkim (Incredible. [Brave Collective])
  • Kronos Hopeslayer (Incredible. [Brave Collective])

TIS Crew

  • Artimus Albosa (NOIR.)
  • RonUSMC (Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore])
  • Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising])

Brave in Scalding Pass

Why we started in scalding planning

  • The begining of the planning, why we went and the reasons we saw the need to move into scalding pass,  which is frt expanding into all the small groups that lived there and evicting them
  • The first stage when we acquired y5 fortixar and 5 ihubs still under other tcus
  • Second stage when we expanded into the two constellations for a total of 15 systems and dropped maybe 8-10 athanors, 2 raits, 2 forts
  • Third stage blackout hits and we planted ansiblex to immensea, this brought us major heat, many many fights every day.  They caused us lots of fatigue and we eventually made the call to turtle up and give up most sov (ended up being all atm).  Also frt came to do sov in dominixs with cyno caps support behind them every fight.
  • Current  holding our two forts and trying to keep these constellations a kind of no mans land “if we cant have if, we wont let them have it either”
  • ^^ To this point, looking at Dotlan you see our two constellations are missing ihubs in many of them. If someone drops one, it will die, guaranteed.

Sov Warfare is the last place you can find consistent small-gang PvP, it’s great content for smaller SIGs/Corps. When the blobs come = not fun Small SIG need tangible short-med term goals

News Items

Something you might not know

  • Artimus: You can activate modules in the same server tick as you cap boost and have neut immune tank
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