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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Season Two Premiere

Our season premiere opens with some new faces and lots of EVE news to catch up on – oh and Killah Bee’s car was torched. Hope it wasn’t an EVE Player that did it. We rewarded the Avatar Titan to a lucky Fan, Liz LizardBreath and reviewed the Hilmar Interview. Tons of news about the battle areas in EVE and A review of the April patch notes – important stuff.

  • Matterall Destructive Influence Corporation [Northern Coalition]
  • Carneros Ancient Hittite Corporation Corporation [The Bastion]
  • Elise Randolph Habitual Euthanasia Corporation [Pandemic Legion]
  • Ashterothi Malevelon Roe Industries
  • Alekseyev Karrde   Capitalist Army [The Network.]
  • ExookiZ The Dark Space Initiative [Scary Wormhole People]
  • Killah Bee Shiva Corporation [Northern Coalition]

Welcome new TIS Crew – Alek and ExookiZ

Alek on EveWho
ExookiZ on EveWho

Avatar Contest – Winner, Liz Lizardbreath

Liz Lizardbreath on EveWho, The Winner of TIS’s first Avatar Contest

Hilmar Interview – Discussion

CCP Hellmars (aka CEO Hilmar) AMA on the Eve Online Forums
Hilmars Tweet about enjoying the TIS Special Interview

Player News

South-East Conflict with Test and Fraternity
Progodlegend’s Alliance Update mail to Test regarding the War with Fraternity
Location of RT-9WL system in Detorid by Dotlan
View from a battleship in the Imperium battleship Fleet being lance DD’d by Fraternity
Clip of the Fraternity lance DD on an Imperium BS fleet
Eastern skirmishing and Renter Supression including Imperium
Location of the Uemon system, by Dotlan
Location of LXQ2-T system, nullsec entrace system from The Forge lowsec, by Dotlan
Western Gaking spearheaded by Volta
‘05.04.19 | WMH-S0 – WE FORM V0LTA + Friends dunk Goon Titans’ YouTube video by The Aggressor EVE
Battle Report of Dreadbomb in Fountain system WMH-SO, by zKillboard
Dotlans listing for V0lta Corporation’s alliance history
EveUni’s listing for the Thera System in Wormhole Space
Eve-Scouts Thera wormhole map page showing recent wormhole locations in and out of Thera
WE FORM VOLTA’s corp page listing current and former corporations
EveWho’s listing for StarFleetCommander, leader of V0lta
The system of WY-9LL, in fountain NPC space, one of the home systems of many of the ‘fountain core’ groups

April Patch Notes

EveInfo’s listing for the Networked Sensor Array
Classic example of a ratting Nyx fit using mid slot speed and damage application mods. by zKillboard
TEST vs Fraternity fight showcasing using FAXs to substitute as a ‘tank’ for Supers and Titans to mittigate further losses
zKillboards Abyssal page – note the heavy use of Gilas in Q1 2019
EveUni’s page about Mobile Structures – mobile depots have at max 4k of space for ‘excavator drones’


Jin’taans tweet linking the teaser trailer about his SSI Tournament
Streamfleet Showdown Invitational Teams by Jin’taan
Uriel Anteovnuecci’s Twitter

Sovereignty Maps

Coalition Sovereignty Map by Verite at the time of the show
Alliance Sovereignty Map by Verite at the time of the show


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