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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
CCP Fozzie and the Moons

CCP Fozzie and a bunch of expert moon surveyors gather round to review how the moon material redistribution worked. Fozzie says high-sec and wormhole moon mining was higher than expected. We also talk about war-dec mechanics, the new launcher and the February patch – could this be the end of disconnects?

  • CCP Fozzie
  • Dunk Dinkle  Brave Newbies Inc. [Brave, Legacy Coalition]
  • Elite Anon  Half Empty [Skill U]
  • Noizy Gamer (EVE blogger)
  • Ashterothi
  • Elise Randolph
  • Matterall  
  • RonUSMC


CSM Summit


Patch Notes

War Dec changes

Moons Goo Distribution


Alliance Sovereignty Map at the time of the Show by Verite
Coalition Sovereignty Map at the time of the Show by Verite
Eve-Offline PCU stats for all Eve Servers by Chribba
ISboxer a multiboxing software solution
CCPs ruling on various multiboxing software ‘optimisations’ and whether they’re considered exploitative
u/ronnyhugo’s Reddit post “While waiting for 64bit client here are some workarounds proven to reduce DCs”
u/pimathbrainiac’s Reddit post about concrete signs the 64-bit Eve client is near.
The Eve Online February update on Eve-Updates by CCP
New Eve Launcher Article by CCP
Feburary Update release information article by CCP
Feburary Update Patch Notes by CCP
CCP’s “little things” Forum thread by CCP Karkur
The map of New Eden by Dotlan
The Perimeter system by Dotlan
Dotlans listing of current active Wars in New Eden.
Ashterothi’s Crossing Zebras article about the state of the WarDec Mechanic and Wars in New Eden.
Eve Universities Wiki page about the Ferox Battlecruiser
“The Goo must flow, everything about Refineries and Moon mining” Dev Blog by CCP about introducing the new moon mining mechanics and structures.
CCPs support page about moon mining
CCP Dev Blog about the moon material redistribution and various moon mining changes
CCPs community outreach forum thread about creating a new ‘seed’ for the moon distribution algorythm
The Final winning entry as voted for by Eve Vegas atendees to be used as the basis for the moon material distribution ‘seed’.
Moon Scanning by Dunk Dinkle on YouTube
EVE Online: Lifeblood Feature Tour Video by CCP on YouTube
Dotlans Immensea moon listings and its possible moon material contents
Recent google spreadsheet by Elite on moons in Immensea and their moon material compositions
Elites preferred moon probing ship on zKillboard
Eve Marketeers pricing history of Dysprosium, a 1 in 64 rarity moon material
Athanor Kills on zKillboard
Dotlans current Eve alliance listing sorted by member count

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