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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Local Spiked

We examine the strange disappearance of ‘Local Chat’ and the ramifications of it going missing. Jurius Doctor takes us through the December Monthly Economic Report.

  • Matterall  Destructive Influence Corporation (NC)
  • Carneros  Ancient Hittite Corporation (Bastion)
  • Elise Randolph  Habitual Euthanasia (PL)
  • Jurius Doctor  Iron.Guard Corporation (Fleep)
  • Brisc Rubal  STK Scientific Corporation (Init)


  • Explain Local, and problems
    • VNIs dead suggests no local region wide areas of space
    • No local, no fleet window, no player-made channels or new player channels
    • Future of Local; CCP giving ultimatum on chat server host
  • January Patch Notes
    • Sansha’s Nation attempted to expand its borders into the the Serpentis Drug Outlet deadspace complex, but the Guardian Angels caught them and put a stop to it. The errant Sansha NPCs in the Serpentis Drug Outlet have been replaced by the correct Serpentis NPCs.
    • Fixed an issue where wormholes would sometimes not correctly expire over downtime. This could lead to static wormhole’s reappearing at the same location as the previous one, or wormholes that lead to different locations in different directions.
  • The following Implants no longer affect fighters (only Drones):
    • CreoDron ‘Bumblebee’ Drone Tuner T10-5D
    • CreoDron ‘Yellowjacket’ Drone Tuner D5-10T
    • Overmind ‘Hawkmoth’ Drone Tuner S10-25T
    • Overmind ‘Goliath’ Drone Tuner T25-10S
  • Monthly Economic Report
    • ISK faucet and inflation
  • Talking In Stations Updates
    • We’re actively moving our VODs to our Youtube Channel, plz subscribe for free to our youtube.
    • Twitch Subscribers now gain the same access on Discord as Tier 2 Patreons so if you’re a twitch subscriber, join the discord for benefits!
    • We’re working on Sub badges, emotes and other visual improvements to the show and the whole TiS brand.
    • We’re open to suggestions from our contributors to topics and content for our shows so if any of our patreons or subscribers want to see us cover anything on our shows or any special productions plz let us know in our patreon chat channels on discord!


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