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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Northern Schism and TEST invades Highsec

   This week on Talking in Stations we talk with Killah Bee, head FC of Northern Coalition over the schism that has fractured the north. NC. reset Horde and Black Legion as Gobbins took unkindly to the deal made by Sort Dragon and was harassing the occupants of Deklein. In response Pandemic Legion reset Guardians of the Galaxy and has so far kept standings with Horde. Progodlegend announces a major war in the highsec system of Perimeter as TEST made a massive wave reinforcing all the highsec structures, effectively cutting off a main income of Horde. While not announced on the show, TEST anchored the first highsec Keepstar, Tranquility Trading Tower in the same system, becoming the newest and biggest landlords of the injector and plex income stream. 


On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Artimus Albosa
  • January Valentine


  • Progodlegend Moosearmy [Test Alliance Please Ignore]
  • Killah Bee Shiva [Northern Coalition.]


Show Notes:  

  • MC Ambushed (Vegas Curse)
  • INIT Ambushed
  • Northern Schism
  • TEST Attack Horde HS Markets in Perimeter
  • The Continuum of War
  • Vegas 2017 Recap/Followup


Wrap Up:

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Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)

More information and links:

MC’s super move op INIT. HIC POV by Melinda INIT on Youtube
Seleenes Erebus lossmail by zKillboard
Dracronials Erebus lossmail by zKillboard
location of Kenobanala by Dotlan

The Initiative Megadunks 8 Carriers (or how to lose some faction supers) by Douche Baag on youtube
u/DanJintao’s Reddit post about INITs Supercap welp
Brisc Rubals AAR of INITs Supercap Welp
Brisc Rubals Ragnarok lossmail by zKillboard

Coalition Sovereignty Map of New Eden at the time of the Show by Verite
Alliance Sovereignty Map of New Eden at the time of the Show by Verite

Cropped Discord Screen Grab of Gobbins Ping to Pandemic Horde about NC resetting them.
u/willy_stacks Rddit thread about the NC / PH Reset
u/VIOLENT_ORGASMS Reddit thread about mutually agreed PL / GOTG Reset
IChooseYou Holdings current and past Wardecks by Dotlan
IChooseYou Holdings Killboard detailing Citadel Losses in highsec by zKillboard

Cropped ingame mail of TEST declaring a highsec war on Pandemic Horde
Cropped ingame mail of Black Legion Joining highsec war on Pandemic Hordes side
u/Somizulfis Reddit thread about Goons Joining the Highsedc war on Pandemic Horde

CCP’s Eve Vegas 2018 Megablog by CCP
Saturdays Stream Schedule with Matteralls Continuum of War pt2 Presentation by CCP

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