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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Conversations: IChooseYou, Under Attack

IChooseYou is well known as an offshoring tax haven in the Jita Market area, the largest in the game.  Players transacted trillions through his facilities. He (IChooseYou) was protected by Pandemic Horde, which chased off groups that threatened his high-security space structures.

Recently, TEST Alliance has been on a rampage vowing revenge against those that attacked them over the summer. Horde is one of those targets. TEST has moved on the Perimeter system, adjacent to Jita system – where IChooseYou has set up shop. TEST will destroy IChooseYou unless Horde can defend him, which is unlikely in the current political environment. Horde is busy in the North, far away.

Will IChooseYou survive?


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