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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
The Grind of War

This week on Talking in Stations we talk with three fleet commanders, Vily from TEST, Killah Bee from Northern Coalition. and InSTiiNK Loutte from Circle of Two as we look at a part of the war that isn’t glamorous and rarely makes the news. The grind of an attacker into settled space – the war of attrition – cloaking camping, hot dropping on rorquals and the battles for key parts of sovereignty infrastructure. Also we talk with Noisy Gamer on the latest security development out by CCP on RMT’ers.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Artimus
  • Carneros
  • Dirk MacGirk


  • Vily, S Tier [Test Alliance Please Ignore]
  • Noisy Gamer
  • KillahBee, Shiva [Northern Coalition.]
  • InSTiiNK Loutte, Balkan Mafia [Circle-of-Two]

Show Notes:  

The Grind for the North

  • The expectation of the North was it was going to be a steamroll but the attack is worth defending but the invading FCs told their line members that it would be a long invasion
  • Killah said it was the slow phase of the roll – blue balling from both sides, sovereignty timers and less skirmish fights
  • Vily said that also both sides timezone tank their timers
  • Killah Bee remarked that dropping rorqual is strategically more relevant in the IHUB fights as the entire point of the GSF campaign besides pvp conflict is to disrupt Northern industry – the Reaver Squad with Asher – and have done a very effective job at that. Deklein was the 2nd strongest economy of the game and when rorqual are dropped, they don’t feel safe, don’t mine and disrupt the industry.
  • InSTiiNK Loutte, a CO2 FC agreed with Killah Bee and the war started really fast and bloody with one keepstar killed, cloaky camping and hot dropping on rorquals. Now summer is done and they say it is a hard time during war during the war due to summer but he plans that fleet numbers would increase due to people coming back from vacation.
  • Artimus asked how the tactics have changed because he has seen that the major part of the war now has been using cyno jammers to prevent super capital movement to certain strategic assets. InSTiink, an FC for two and a half years, said that how wars are fought in Eve has changed over the years but notably how capitals power has changed. He said that skill injectors changed a lot how capital warfare was changed by getting a lot of alts into capitals and titans. This has brought cyno jammers into the forefront by effectively disrupt capital use of the enemies.

The Dust Settles in the South

  • Vily walks through the southern theatre after UALX
  • After UALX – SkillUrself, Fraternity, Tri, PL/NC were hard demoralized even after the escape of PL’s super fleet after the five days of hellcamp, they couldn’t attack together because they lost their cohesion
  • TEST had all the momentum but didn’t take advantage of that to press into the attacks to avoid having a timer they could unite behind
  • SkillUrself left with Tri, PL’s super fleet moving back to X47 with Black Legion fight leaving Fraternity with the Tenerifis trio so TEST told their line members to go back Esoteria to make some money and push into Tenerfis
  • War is still going on but feels more like a cleanup operation
  • Fraternity anchored a keepstar in 46DP-O sitting on the regional in-gate – didn’t realize they anchored it on a US holiday in their timezone


  • New devblog announced a more proactive approach to isk sellers
  • Noizy remarked that 3-5 isk selling sites that Malewarebytes notifies as malicious so the CCP legal team might be reaching out to the ISP of the isk sellers
  • Artimus remarked on the update on the policy regarding harassment and in-game threat

The Aunenen Keepstar pickup


Wrap Up:

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  • Thanks Panel, guests, staff (more specific)

Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)


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