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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Legacy Under Threat

This week on Talking in Stations, we look down South – in the region of Immensea – where there have been some strategic alliance movements. We will talk with Vily from TEST and Garst Tyrell from Triumvirate. Are these activities the opening shots to something much bigger? In our second half, we look at the diversity of CSM 2018 and what it means for the soul of Eve. Is Eve missing out on opportunities for player engagement and interaction because most of the CSM candidates are very homogeneous in their thinking?

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Artimus Albosa
  • Tiberius Stargazer
  • Dirk MacGirk


  • Vily 7th Fleet Corps [TEST]
  • Garst Tyrell No Mercy [Triumvirate]
  • Brisc Rubal STK Scientific [The Initiative]
  • Hugh Caswakk  New Eden Report
  • Alekseyev Karrde Capitalist Army

Show Notes:

Friction in the South Artimus, Vily, Garst Tyrell

  • Different alliances moving staging systems – is this the beginning of a TEST vs East war
  • Where is Skill Urself in all of this
  • Is XIX wanting to get revenge through Legacy Coalition

News Roundup Hugh Caswakk (6-8m)

On the 20th of June at 1345 EVE, Siege Green and Snuffed Out clashed in the system of Estanuitte, in Essence. The action began due to a Snuffed Out offensive against the armour timers of 5 Siege Green structures. Three of these timers were reinforced without contest while Siege Green assembled a combined force from their alliance, Shadow Cartel and House of Serenity. There were initial subcap clashes, before Siege Green baited out a Snuffed Out dreadbomb with carriers – before counter-dropping their own dreadnoughts.

65 billion lost by Siege Green vs 105 billion lost by Snuffed Out.

On the 23rd, The Initiative aided by Snuffed Out fought a sharp action with CO2 in the system of FIO1-8. INIT hunters identified two Rorquals and bridged in a Muninn fleet to attack them. One Rorqual escaped, but the other PANICed immediately. CO2 brought in a FAX, which the assorted Imperium forces dropped two dreadnoughts on. After the first FAX died, a second CO2 FAX was brought in. This also died. Shortly after the second FAX was destroyed, CO2 brought in a 90-man Ferox fleet.

This was destroyed with relatively few Imperium losses, and the Rorqual soon followed it. The toll stands at about 3 bn lost by the Imperium vs around 25bn lost by CO2.

Oicx is on fire at the moment – the siege has been ongoing for a week now, and has seen the destruction of 2422 ships, with 65.7bn lost. Roughly 248 pilots have been involved each day, with GalMil having a slight numerical advantage. At the moment, it appears that GalMil is slowly winning the contest. If they do, then their next target is The Block home system of Eha.

Triumvirate seems to have lost four Faction Fortizars not through an attack, but rather through a CODE gank in high-sec.

NullSechnayaSholupen also succeeded in baiting out and killing a Vendetta faction supercarrier, which is pretty neat – well done to them.

CCP Development Pathway Tiberius, Alek, Brisc, Matterall, Dirk

  • CSM – lacks diversity of playstyle representation
  • Assumptions – PVP “truths”
  • Not devs, but confirm dev’s assumptions
  • Are we in a negative feedback loop where potential CSM candidates that think about other things than the ‘pvp is life’ platform that gets most candidates votes being ignored
  • Are CSM candidates just elected to keep the status quo as high up in the bloc social ladder or are they really interested in the overall health of the game
  • Dev’s that rep the game to players are PVP oriented
  • Dev’s that talk about environment left (Ytterbium/Nagual)
  • Point: Star Wars Galaxy was all about exploring, mining, science and decorating your house – pvp was half of the game and it was very successful
  • Counterpoint: MMORPGs beat by Skyrim, Zelda open worlds
  • Eve miss out on interesting opportunities because those opportunities don’t fall under the ‘pvp conflict is everything’ list

Program Notes – Soul of TIS?  Talk or Reporting

  • Discord changes – real life topics, make your own channels
    • TIS picks guests from Discord
  • “Conversation” Series
  • Interviews and spotlights, series on subjects
  • New Staff – thanks Artimus
  • Please fund TIS and other content creators
  • Old shows were terrible quality/good content
  • If you are listening to this podcast… keep the improvements coming
  • Angel Supporters: Ingress, Keldura, SkepticNerdGuy, Viktor Koraka and Wimsical
  • Advertising – commercials from fanfest


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Thank you to our producers Artimus, January, Sarah, and MacCloud

Soundtrack: Instrumental – “But Not Tonight” (Depeche Mode)

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Nice to see alek still kicking ass

[…] Talking in Stations is syndicated by New Eden Report, and has NER co-founder Hugh Caswakk in his own weekly news segment. The full post is on their website here. […]

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