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An ode to some of the biggest content created

by Sort Dragon, Executor of Darkness Alliance —

With the time slowly winding down to downtime, knowing that tomorrow 0.0 stations will cease to exist. I just want to take a moment to remember both the good and the bad of stations.

A lot of people who have joined the game since the introduction of Citadels have truly no idea how much of an effect stations had on this game. For people like me who have played for what seems an eternity, we can look back at stations and remember both the positives and negatives of them. To CCP they are monoliths of dead, broken code. While at the summit you could tell the excitement to finally be rid of them, but at the same time, you could see there was a certain level of respect for what these stations brought to the game for the last nearly 15 years.

As players, stations were the focal point for many years of an alliance’s hold on a region. We used them to stage out of, we used them to produce nearly everything. Anyone who held a station remembers the pains of how many office slots were available to be used when staging in a station. We also remember the fondness of hell camping hostiles into a station as you took their space around them. Or the bitterness it felt to be the one being hell camped.

Through the years we have all defended and attacked numerous stations through multiple different and strange sov mechanics no matter how painful or how boring they were. It’s important to remember how important and how much of an effect these stations had on the game.

Some of the biggest battles and wars in eve have been fought over stations. B-R started because without the TCU online in the system the station could be flipped to hostile hands just by shooting it. The fight took part on the station because Manny dropped in on us on the station trying to do just that.

Other big systems fought over for the station I have listed below.

  • C-J6MT in Insmother. The true home of Red Alliance (I for one find a slight satisfaction in knowing they will go into DT holding the station.)
  • NOL-M9 in Delve. The true old home of BOB now held by their oldest enemy.
  • VFK-IV In Deklein. The old home of Goonswarm, now held by the descendants of BOB and others.
  • H-W9TY and UMI-KK in Tribute. The 2 towers of tribute. Depending on where the war was would depend on where the NC would stage.
  • BKG-Q2 in Branch. The old home of Razor and many others.
  • LXQ2-T in Etherium Reach. The old Russian entrance to the northern drone regions.
  • GE-8JV and HED-GP in Catch. The 2 towers of Catch. For years depending on what time of year would depend on who owned it.
  • 9UY4-H in Providence. Ushra Khan and CVA who owned it was down to what color underwear. Not many understood the importance of this station other than the ones involved in it.
  • BWF-ZZ in Geminate. The entrance to Geminate. Not one inch! (old joke)

I know I didn’t collect all the stations of significance from the past. If I missed any or if you have any stories about the ones I listed go ahead and tell your story in the comments. A lot of the newbies would surely get a thrill out of hearing some old war stories from the past. To those of you who were around during the age of stations, I tip my hat to you. To those of you who have come along since then, I hope Citadels can create the same crazy stories that stations did for us.

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