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Talking in Stations
Talking in Stations
Signal Cartel

Signal Cartel was founded in January 2015 and is a neutral, peaceful exploration corp with a public service mindset and a culture driven by a very specific Credo. G8keeper and Johnny Splunk created EvE-Scout to provide public access points to Thera and later formed Signal Cartel for scanning for Thera wormholes.  Mynxee was asked to be the CEO. The group was expected to be 25 members but has grown to over 600. Here is a brief with more details.

On the show:

  • Matterall
  • Carneros
  • Keskora


  • Mynxee (Signal Cartel CEO)
  • Johnny Splunk (EvE-Scout CEO, Signal Cartel co-leader)
  • Thrice Hapus, (Signal Cartel ESR Division Manager)
  • Heretic / Cngaar Aya (executor of Wormlife alliance)

Show Notes:

Signal Cartel

  • Corp created to scout for EVE Scout  
  • When CEO Mynxee was recruited
  • Thera (Rhea expansion, Dec 2014)
  • 4,500 People have applied to Signal Cartel since 2015
  • Anybody can join with a few exceptions
  • Members are spread out – communicate on alliance chat and forums
  • Leadership do not “content provide”
  • The Credo
  • Providing content not based on mechanics
  • Rescue Program – 1 year anniversary
    • Sky Diamond created event
  • Dead Parrot created The Signal Cartel Co-Pilot, named Allison (Artificial Life Limited In Scope to On-board Navigation)


Wormlife Freeports

  • Wormlife is a low-class wormhole alliance that has been around for about a year and a half and has as a big part of its focus mostly bringing new players into wormhole space; our freeport systems are separate from our alliance systems (we used to also maintain a couple of hundred POCOs in Highsec, but recently sold most of those)
  • Decided to take a different approach than the Oasis Freeport; instead of one big freeport, we went with a lot of small expendable freeports with zero policing – people are responsible for their own security, we’re Switzerland in our freeport systems, totally neutral
  • Currently have 15 freeports in 15 systems, all C1, C2, or C3, each named after a poet (so, Sappho, Tennyson, Lovecraft, Poe, etc – all named with Freeport ISBN xxx-xxxxxxx)
  • Continuing to slowly expand, sometimes by purchasing systems with POCOs, sometimes by colonization with our regular alliance forces
  • Income mostly from PI tax (3%, so better than anything can get in Highsec);  we’ve also discussed doing PI buyback if enough interest
  • We run minimal services, but people in systems sometimes bring in modules and fuel, and if they do that we’re happy to install them in specific systems
  • Recent patch complicated logistics since now have to fuel them, but we do that by contracting out to freelancers, been working pretty well
  • We expect at some point to lose one or more; we don’t invest deeply in them, so best case we get some good content for the alliance proper, worst case we simply wait a week and reanchor, no big deal, cost is already factored into cost of doing business
  • ISK-wise, we probably about break even, but we do it for content for our alliance (expanding and defending), to bring more new blood into wormhole space, and because, honestly, it’s kind of fun
  • Long-term, also considering expanding into wormhole sale escrow services and things like that
  • Alliance Logo:
  • Freeport Discord (public invite):
  • Dotlan:


Player Perspectives

  • What is important in the service style organizations
    • “We could lose all of our ships, all of our ISK and still have a corp, still have a mission and still have each other.” -Auds Lennelluc”
  • Enlightenment of Players



  • CSM 5
    • Carneros and Mynxee meet
    • Mynxee’s take on CSM 5
  • Media and covering the little stories of EVE


Johhny Splunk streaming

Slow TV

Why do people play EVE online

  • “1001 nights”
  • Stages of playing EVE  



Soundtrack: Instrumental – But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)


Used in the show / further reading:

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 by Vapor in April 12, 2018

Wow. Fantastic show again. Top class. I found a corp since last we spoke but not sure it's the right fit for me at the moment but Signal Cartel !!!! Sounds like just what I need right now. Thanks again. Your show is fab.

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